Monday, June 30, 2008

Hoopfest 2008

Saturday Day 1 Daddy love!

The Millers and The McMurrays
Janny don't be sad . . . . we thought of you the whole time we ate our Hawaiian Shaved Ice. . .

If you are an alien and do not know what Hoopfest is . . then I will explain! It is the biggest three on three basketball tournament in the world! It is considered a HOLIDAY in our family. It is on the calendar before Christmas sometimes. We are a hoops family! Here are some pics from this year. . it is was 102 degrees, but the kids were troopers and Aaron's team took second in his bracket. Now if you know Aaron's Hoopfest record from years past this is a HUGE improvement. I played since the first year but a few years back it didn't bring out the best in me (nice way to say I got a little competitive, so I retired:) This was Lucia's first year she was a HIT of course! Every year her birthday is going to fall on Hoopfest ~ I hope this is okay. . .
Day 2 Hoopfest photos ~

Grampy lives for HOOPFEST!

You might have noticed Kinkade lost his first tooth!
The TEAM 2008 - second place!


whitney tampien said...

Congrats, Aaron! By the way, the last picture of Lucia sleeping is so sweet!! I hope she's feeling better today. Can't wait to see the McMurray fam at the lake this weekend!! :)

Jennifer said...

So fun! We love hoopfest! I absolutely LOVE all your pictures!
Jen (and Nick)

TNKerry said...

Oh my - I can't imagine how excited all of my boys would be if we had a hoopfest in our town!!!

Ali said...

Oh my gosh Aaron!!! First off... you are a blogger...and you know Jen! small world...and exciting! :) And your boys and little sweet girl have GROWN!!! and are so adorable! I love all the pictures and love to read about how your life has been. Now that I don't have the time and see you at Starbucks anymore... There is always a connection!

Ps. Thanks for all your help with Tyler and his "Van" deal with his trip! :) You're always a blessing!

Loves Ali Stitt

Party of 5 said...

How is it that Hoopfest is always SO HOT???? congrats to Aaron on his victory!