Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The highest honor. . .stomach cake. . .Lucy dove!

Yes, you guessed it a jammed finger playing hoops is a very high honor in the LONG FAMILY! Kinkade jammed his finger playing basketball and it is swollen and even bruised on the inside. Now that is toughness! Congrats Kinkade!

Picture with a proud Daddy!

Okay. . . I have been practicing Tres Leches cake for Lucia's first Birthday. Is this how it is supposed to look? Someone help me who has made this cake. It looks more like my stomach than a pretty cake. It might not be pretty but the boys in the house LOVED IT! They have all changed their favorite cake choice for their own birthdays to Tres Leches. Since it looks like my stomach after twins I am not too excited about it.
Oh yeah, Lucia has been swimming with us almost everyday and jumping off the side of the pool to us well jumpscooting. . . Tonight she dove face first. Not a tear. . where do the McMurrays get these children who have no fear of the water. It would be nice to just to have a healthy fear:)


The Boggs Family said...

You are so funny! I smile every time I read your blog...

Party of 5 said...

Ha! I love the description of the cake the best! It does look a little ...lumpy. Maybe you should set it outside so it can get a tan? Everything looks better with a tan!
Sounds like the flavor is excellent though so....I say...if it tastes good, who cares!

whitney tampien said...

Well Darc, if it makes you feel any better, that cake looks like my stomach too... only I haven't had twins. With that said, I'll totally eat it. Looks good to me! :) Congrats to Kinkade on the finger. What a trooper!

Anonymous said...

Well...I guess great job Kinkade (I only had girls and so new concept for me :)

Our badges of honor were to make our stomachs NOT look like that even when we were eating what looks like it :)



The gFamily said...

Whoa... You have some TOUGH kiddos! Impressive!

Yeah, that cake looks like my stomach too, and I didn't have twins! LOL! But my first kiddo was almost 10 pounds!! I have no idea what it is supposed to look like, so maybe it is perfect! The important part is that it tastes good!! Kuddos to you for making a Tres Leche Cake!!