Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our life was forever changed!

Dear Lucia, (Sugar Bug, Little Lu, Beetle, Lucy Lu, Little Missy)
We met you for the first time one year ago today. I'm not sure I have ever been so excited for anything in my life. I had been dreaming about you and praying for you literally since I was a little girl. God put a deep desire in my heart very early to adopt a baby. You had been growing in our hearts and prayers for 10 years. We flew all night on the airplane and when we got to Guatemala City it was all so familiar to me. This beautiful country that God had planted a seed 12 years ago in college and from that trip on I knew I would come back and bring a orphan baby home to love and raise. I was exhausted from flying but could not sleep one second in anticipation of meeting you. I wouldn't even let Daddy get breakfast for fear they would call our room when we were at breakfast. I sat staring at the phone begging it to ring so I could go and finally meet my daughter.
The moment we walked into that tiny little room and saw you I will never forget just like when I saw your brothers for the first time in the hospital. It was surreal and yet so real. I had loved you in my prayers for years, then I fell in love with your picture and at that moment I loved you with every cell of my body. You were more beautiful than I could of ever imagined and so TINY! We could not get over how gorgeous and small you were; not even 6 lbs. So tiny yet so alert, I had never met a baby so young and so alert and wide eyed. Your eyes were fixated on us and we were captivated by you. Your personality is still captivating. . . .people just want to hold you and laugh with you and just look into your eyes.
The other amazing answer to prayer was your amazing foster mommy. She was so warm and tender and already loved you so much too. She cried when she left you with us. She was a remarkable answer to prayer. My heart was at peace instantly with your care until we could take you home.
When we got up to the room I just laid you on my chest out of instinct. I think my heart needed to feel you as close as possible. You fell asleep instantly and I felt so complete and an overwhelming gratitude to God, your birth mother, and my dear husband who all made my dreams come true! When you awoke you looked up at us and smiled. . . we could not believe it. You were too young to smile and you continued to smile the entire visit. God had given me the word JOY since the moment I started praying for the baby that would be ours when we started the whole process. I knew with that first smile that God was smiling down relaying that this indeed was the daughter he chose for the McMurray family and she would bring us so much JOY! We love you more than words can express and our life was forever changed that day.


janet's flowers said...

Happy anniversary little Lucy - you are the sweetest story we could experience. We love you being part of our lives.

Your family and you bring us all such joy.

We also remember waiting in anticipation this day one year ago...and today we continue to smile.

Thank you!

Grammy Sparkle

Stacy said...

Beautiful, beautiful story! There are so many similarities in our stories. I can SO relate! You brought back so many exciting memories and emotions of the "first meeting".

You're a great writer!

The Boggs Family said...

God moves!!!!!! BIG TIME! Look at this amazing story you have to tell and re-tell again n' again through the years as little Lu grows up and hears the testament of God's faithful answer to prayer and the creative, overwhelming way He answers and blesses His children. I was so touched to read this tonight. You love with ghusto, McMurray's!... you all are such an incredible, wonderful, beautiful, fun, compassionate, generous, tender-hearted family. Loads of love to you all as you celebrate this extra special anniversary that forever changed your lives!

Robyn said...

What a beautiful post!! Happy Anniversary!!


Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Happy anniversary.
It always makes me cry reading other people first meeting with their babes. I remember feeling the exact same way, they are little miracles. Congrats!

TNKerry said...

What a beautiful tribute to sweet little Lucy.

The gFamily said...

I am so glad that you posted this beautiful story! It will be so touching to Lucia to read this someday and understand just how much you loved her before you ever met her and how much she touched your heart when you finally did meet the daughter that had grown in your heart for 10 years! What an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness!! What a mighty God we serve!!!

Anonymous said...

Motherhood -Beautiful!

Ali said...

Absoulutely beautiful all around! Your love shows so much out of your words.

Jennifer said...

What a little blessing...
I love your letter!