Wednesday, July 2, 2008

one year stats, First Words, and nursery update. . .

Lucia had her one year appointment. . . she has grown in length and a tiny bit in weight. She weighs 17 pounds. She is just a little peanut. . like Whitney says "Live the Dream. . . .that is the petite dream!"

Lucia first word was "HI" just like Keagan and Kinkades! Now she also says Mama, Night Night, Uh Oh, Baby, . . .her little voice melts my heart.

Here nursery is still evolving so I thought I would post some new pics ~
A dear family to us sent us these letters from Land of Nod . . love that store. They are so sweet.
We needed some shelves to display the boys artwork they made for her and her special books.

I asked the boys to draw a family portrait. . Keagan drew Lucia with dinosaurs at least she has a sweet aqua bow in her hair, and Kinkade drew Lucia lassoing horses mmmm. . . . . still sweet! I love the writing the best . . . . I guess that is the First Grade teacher in me. Kinkade's says "Lucia you are a playful baby."
I love how her lamp turned out, we used the extra material from her curtains which were originally aprons from Anthropology that I found a long time ago.
My mom found this quote when we were still in the process so we had a sign made.
We got this rooster on Lucia's pick up trip in Guatemala. She loves it. As we rock to sleep she always points and wants me to bring it down to look at.
Is this not the sweetest thing little plaque you have ever seen. I found it on Etsy under handmade pottery. It is darling.
After we ordered the rug we painted over a few of the colors to make them brighter and match. I love the way it ties the room together now.


TNKerry said...

Her room is awesome and I love that rug. I can't believe you hand painted it. You are so very creative - I am sure you made a great first grade teacher :)

The Boggs Family said...

No way, I am constantly - I mean, CONSTANTLY, in awe over your creativity in every facet. Wow, and look at her vocabulary! What a little sweetheart. Love the way her room looks, you have such vision!!!!! (That sign, too, by the way, is so perfect - what a great saying to have hung high in her room, almost as if it's reminding her as she looks up at it from her crib that she is loved, blessed, and held....) always.

Kaz said...

Popped in on your blog from my friend Nikki Gosneys blog where you had left a comment. What a delightful family you have you must be very proud. Feel free to pop in on my blog We are in England by the way.

Ali said...

Darcy ... you amazing taste and love for making a room look so beautiful and loving! Beautiful room all around... I love the sign and the rug and all the colors! So happy for your family to have such a wonderful addition... as anyone can see she was blessed to be
put in a great family. Ali Stitt

Mark and Lori said...

She reminds me so much of McKaden - she too was about 17 pounds of fun at a year old. They are small but so powerful! What a doll!