Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! off to walk down to the boy's school Christmas concert. they sang their little hearts out.
emery hanging out with her new twin friends maryn and kehne. . . we love the new Hume babies!
i keep finding emery trying to eat the Christmas tree:)
so happy with my daddy!
lucia wanted to be in the Christmas church program at church. . but was not so sure during the actual program. in fact she stood up there for about 3 minutes total before she saw dad and jumped off the stage and ran to him.
you can barely see the snowflakes hanging . . but janny you would be so proud. . the boys are so good at them now. janny has been doing snowflakes with the boys since they were one and half.
my favorite new decoration. the boy's godmother patty painted this beautiful christmas card for us after seeing a picture of the first snowman the boy's made this winter. when we got it in the mail I ran out got the perfect frame for it and we will have it forever. she amazes me with her creativity and talent!
i love how cute emery's picture looks in this frame KayC made for me a few years back. glad my friends are crafty and cute!
my all time favorite store in the world is anthropologie. . .so on our trip to seattle i got this cute napkin, tea light holder and tinsel tree. . love them!


Pat and Patty said...

I love everything about you!

Wichman said...

You have the most beautiful family! Emery is so happy and has one of the BEST smiles I've ever seen! We would love to see you guys sometime;) Merry Christmas!


The Boggs Family said...

So fun & love the way you've decorated your house for Christmas! Super duper cute pics of the kids & I had to laugh at the darling pic of Emery smiling huge on Daddy's lap... thinking, "one tiny baby step in another direction & that could have been dangerous for Aaron." :) haha. Glad you feel this is the most wonderful time of the year too! :) Love you guys!!

The gFamily said...

It's so fun to see pics of all 4 of your kiddos together! You guys are SO blessed! I just get the biggest smile when I see Emery smiling! It's so contagious! Love those baby cheeks!!!

I LOVE anthropologie!! We should go together sometime! ;) Just dreamin'!!