Thursday, December 10, 2009

so proud of this boy!

keagan started piano lessons in september. we have always known he was extremely musical and has always LOVED music. last weekend was his first recital. it is a huge commitment with practicing every day and lessons each week. keagan has been very nervous for his first recital and we are so proud of him that he played with confidence and did so well. he chose to play "jolly old saint nicholas" and it was awesome. he is learning so much about himself, about grace, about making mistakes, pressure, performing, hard work when you don't feel like it, and music!
everyone was supposed to bring a treat for the reception afterwards. grammy and keagan planned on making snowmen peeps. but as they started (kinkade of course joined) their creativity got the best of them and it became a snow animal peep extravaganza! thanks grammy for making the recital so special.


Pat and Patty said...

Keagan you are so cool!

The Boggs Family said...

Oh way to go, Keags!! I would be beaming with pride watching him up there too. That's a big deal. I think I remember Belinda saying you guys take from the same instructor? And from what I gather, she expects the highest from her students, so that is a huge accomplishment for Keagan to perform & do so well!! Give him a hug from us! Did you get to see the Montgomery's at the recital, or do they split the students up? Thinking of you guys much these days! Ken & I were just talking about you guys in the car the other day saying how much we love & admire your family. Giant hugs to you & hope we get to see you some time soon --- have loved all your pics & recent posts!