Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the tree!

we love to go cut down our tree every year! it is such a fun family tradition. we have been so busy on the weekends that we went during the week this time so it had a didn't feel. . but just as special.

first year the boys were strong enough to carry the tree in!
first Christmas tree outing for emery pearl.
at home decorating. . lucia carried the tree topper angel around all night until dad lifted her up to put it on the top!most of the ornaments ended up like this with lucia decorating. . sitting on the floor:)
keagan took this picture of the final product. Merry Christmas!


Pat and Patty said...

Beautiful - made me cry...what's new ;)
LOVE Lucy's high pony tail cutest ever as is beautiful Emery Pearl!!!

The gFamily said...

Love the girls' hats! So fun!! Lucia did a fabulous job decorating the tree!! I enjoyed all the pics of your family! It's so great that the boys are at ages where they can help now!!