Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve and Day 09

we had such a wonderful Christmas. The kids are at such fun ages and so excited about every little part! Here are way to many pictures but I could not choose and really wanted to recap all the special moments. One of the most special parts was having my only brother and his beautiful wife and their new baby Moses here.
emery pearl wore lucia's Christmas dress from last Christmas eve. . so sweet! dressing little girls is so much fun!
Christmas morning holding their gift from Santa.
yes grammy dresses up as Mrs. Claus you should not be surprised. She made more gingerbread houses and gingerbread men with the kids. it was the year of the gingerbread houses the boys made one at their school Christmas party and brought home the supplies to make one with Lucia. Then they made one at church and of course with Grammy.
love this pic for some reason.
keagan loves his baby sister so much. one of our favorite things about keagan is how affectionate he is with his family.
uncle damian doing magic tricks always a highlight.
we gave grace, damian and moses hats from krochet kids a really really cool organization that we LOVE to support!

the little ones!
all the grand kids on the Long side of the family in their Christmas jammies from Grammy.
keagan and lucia love it when dad plays the piano.

I made each child a special photo book for Christmas. Christmas morning devotional with dad. my sweet hearted sister-in-law Grace. her name fits her perfectly. she is a dream come true for our family! lucia LOVES Frosty the Snowman. Keagan got her the stuffed animal for his sibling gift and we got her the snow globe another favorite of hers. Grammy got her the new "little tiny" table she calls it. speaking of sibling gifts this is the kids favorite tradition buying for each other. This year we chose names which is a blast in itself. we started this tradition three years ago with Keagan and Kinkade and both sisters got to be involved this year. every Christmas uncle damian and auntie grace take the boys on an adventure instead of buying them a gift. every other year they have gone tube sledding up on the mountain but this year sadly there was not any snow. so they made the best of it and went to laser quest for laser tag. it is one of the boys favorite traditions!
grammy and grampy have a real player piano and the kids all loved it!
There is much more Christmas to go since we leave for Oregon the 26th so stay posted. and live nativity scene photos. . oh boy!

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