Wednesday, January 27, 2010

emery pearl 10 months old

emery pearl is two days from being 10 months old. i have said it so many times before but we can't imagine the mcmurray family without our sweet emery pearl.

- emery loves to EAT. . . asparagus, peas, squash, spinach, beans, carrots. . . . our fridge is filled with frozen vegetable cubes but avocados and frozen red grapes still are her favorites!!

- emery loves the gym. . especially watching volleyball matches and basketball games she waves her arms frantically in the stands. so glad she loves the gym because this family spends a lot of time there.

- emery used to smile at everyone all the time. . but the last few weeks she has started with the stranger anxiety thing. . . even bursting into tears at times.

- emery loves it when mommy sings "itsy bitsy spider" . . . she is mystified by the hand motions!

- emery is not crawling yet but gets where she wants to go by scooching and rolling.

- emery is such a cuddler. . it is so sweet when she snuggles in and lays her head on your shoulder.

- emery now wears the same size leggings as Lucia . . . 20 pounds (77%) and 99% percentile in height

we love you so much. . . you just bring a sweetness to our family. I have realized lately that you bring the best out in all of us. . . . . your brothers are tender and helpful with you, lucia only shares with you, daddy sings new songs to you everyday, mom slows down and cuddles you!

two more months of the baby stage. . I am sadly trying to enjoy every minute. . . I LOVE BABIES and am so sad we are reaching the end of this stage. i wish this stage would last at least 4 more years!!!!!!
i love these pictures of emery. . my sister-in-law took them. if you need a great photographer and live in the portland area let me know and i will get you connected with her. here is her blog -


Pat and Patty said...

Her name is perfect - she is a Pearl!

Cathy said...

I miss kissing her cute cheeks! She is growing up way too fast!

The Boggs Family said...

Gawl Darcy, you guys have some of THE CUTEST, most wonderful kids on the planet! I'm with Patty, Emery Pearl is the perfect name for her! She is just a sweetheart & we loved getting to see her at church this past weekend. I'm so sorry for the circumstances of your trip - what a friend you are to be there during a difficult time. Hugs to you & your sweet family. Hope to see you soon! :)