Friday, January 8, 2010

new years 09-10

we have dinner at my parent's house every Sunday night! we have been doing it since aaron and I were dating. it is a very important tradition in our family. my mom "grammy sparkle" is a party girl through and through!!!!!!!!!!! she makes every holiday FUN and goes all out with special dishes, beautiful table, props, costumes , gifts and on and on. our kids think it is normal:) thank you grammy for all your work to make life fun and special. this year for a new years celebration we had tons of hats, horns, and played games all dinner long. the hit of the night was the name game where a name is put on your back and everyone else can read it but you. so you go around and ask yes/no questions until you figure out who you are. the boys have never had so much fun. we decided maybe we will play the name game every sunday night. here are some photos of the night. i will post our resolutions at the bottom.
emery even had a name . . marty is my mom's orange cat. our family is weird I am well aware of this. . but FUN!

I think we have another party girl in the family!

2010 resolutions

Kinkade - be more mind strong in sports (he means mentally tough. . can you tell he is surrounded by coaches)

Keagan - read a "real" chapter book by the end of the year

Mom - be nicer to all the other humans in the family in the mornings

and spend more time trusting God instead of worrying.

Dad - work out more times in the week, and not raise his voice in parenting.

Happy New Year everyone!

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The gFamily said...

You guys always have SO much fun! I just love Grammy Sparkle!! She rocks!! Love the party hats and decor! She really does go all out!

I've never had the kids do New Year's Resolutions! I should do that! It was fun to see what everyone said! Happy New Year!