Wednesday, January 6, 2010


we have talking to the boys about the decades in the life of our family and i thought this family picture describes the last one!!!!!!! it is so fun to reflect on the last year and years and look forward to the years to come. .
the 70's - we were born
the 80's - we grew up. . .our childhood
the 90's - mom and dad fell in love and got married
the 00- 10 - we made a family - 2002 the boys, 2207 Lucia, squeezed in emery in 09!

And the big question is what will the next decade hold for our family???? I pray God protects us guides us and we live intentionally to serve Him daily! it is so crazy to think in 2020 the boys will be juniors in high school, lucia will be in middle school, and emery will be in late elementary 5th grade! so weird yet so fun. . .

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Pat and Patty said...

Enjoy the moments and the years will take care of themselves (quickly I might add)
Hugs in Hawaii!!!