Friday, May 14, 2010

big accomplishments for all the boys!

introducing DR. MCMURRAY! he did it. . . he graduated and completed his PhD! what an amazing accomplishment. his perseverance, dedication and passion for learning amaze me! we are all so proud of dad! papa and grandma came up for the ceremony and celebration!
classic picture of josh and aaron. josh is one of aaron's best friends from college. he is a professor now at Gonzaga and also has his PhD.
keagan and kinkade completed there first big school project! their assignment was a visual representation of their animal report. they worked on the projects for a month painting, sculpting, cutting, gluing, drawing. . on and on! here is part of keagan's final project on bengal tigers. he also had a book that went with it.
kinkade chose the snowy owl. they both loved the entire process. i was glad when it was done:)
kinkade is half way to black belt he received his red belt last weekend and got a half-way trophy!
keagan and kinkade came running into the house the other day with brand new bright green t-shirts they were the top first grade boys in the spring run-off tied for first place! keagan had his spring piano recital he played the song "Westminster chimes" it was beautiful!
we brought red velvet cupcakes to the recital to celebrate all his hard work!
i am so proud of all my boys they have worked so hard whether it was one month or 9 years to complete these awesome accomplishments!


The Tampiens said...

Congrats to the McMurray boys!!! You guys are AWESOME!

The Boggs Family said...

Yes, most definitely a big CONGRATS to your hubby & darling boys! :) Love you guys and were bummed to have missed the fun celebration... looking forward to seeing you all soon & giving you a giant hug!

mmsnyder said...

Congrats to the McMurray boys!! :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Wow! Congrats to all the boys! Aaron especially (since his accomplishment took years!!), although the boys projects were ridiculously amazing too. Yeah McMurrays!