Sunday, May 23, 2010

mama please do not turn into a penguin. . .

some spring pics of lucia!

i love that she still sleeps the same way she did as a baby. .bootie in the air!
this little girl turns our world upside down. she has more personality, opinions, imaginative ideas, stories, and demands then any one human should have in their body. she never stops talking. . . okay i take that back she is quiet when you give her a bowl of ice cream or she is reading to herself. we thank God everyday for this fun, joyful, demanding, funny little girl. adoption is so cool!
lucia says the funniest things we all think she is hysterical. her imagination and memory blow us away. she easily recites long books line for line.. . the boys cannot believe it they think she is really reading. her memory is astounding! her imagination is incredible and so vivid. he newest obsession is dreams. all day she tells me "mama you turned into a penguin!"
i've tried to explain over and over that i will not turn into a penguin and that it is only a dream. she also tells us about a dream where she saves daddy's cell phone from a dragon. last night she told me a bald eagle will not stop chasing her in her dreams and i wasn't able to help because i was teaching emery to walk fast. it literally goes on and on. i would have to journal everyday to pass along all the lucia stories.
one last story. . last week i was trying to get her to nap and she was being extremely difficult to put it nicely so i finally kind of snapped about choosing her jammies and she turned to me and said, "mommy are you feeling a little bit angry and frustrated?"
um YEAH! but of course i just laughed she has got our number and she has since the first time we held her in guatemala. . . sassy, smart, sweet, and so dang cute . . what a combination!
if your family has never considered adoption pray about it because it is amazing and there are precious children who need a family. . it is the biggest leap of faith we have ever taken and the best leap of faith!


The Boggs Family said...

Smiling from ear to ear... I love that you let "us" all in on the adorable, endearing personalities of your kids! It is just beyond awesome how much God has blessed all of you through her adoption & I love the way you love her!!!! :) Much love and big hugs from all of us Boggs'. ;)

Pat and Patty said...

She IS FABULOUS (and so are you :)

The Tampiens said...

She is so sassy!!! I LOVE IT! :)

The gFamily said...

You are right... Adoption is a huge blessing! I LOVE reading about Lucia! She makes this world a little brighter! She is just the cutest little thing!