Wednesday, May 12, 2010

summer is in the air and on our heads!

it feels like summer today so we broke out the huge sunflower on my head accessory! and boy did we get a lot of comments out running errands!
remember this . . . .this picture was taken on our second visit trip when lucia was three months old.
i love this next picture of lucia it is one of my all time favorites . maybe it is because she never looks serious or sad.
i have been trying to add little touches of color and summer around the house. i got these napkins on sale at anthropology last winter and thought they looked kind of fun as curtains. this bread reminds of summer. . . because last year on my birthday patty brought it over with yummy balsamic vinegar and olive oil. i put it out for the boys for an after school snack and we all fell in love instantly. so it is our special "splurge after school summer treat" now. we just had it yesterday and i am telling you it is so fabulous. if you have not been to this new little bakery go immediately! heaven!!!!!!!!!
so i barley ever buy anything for the house these days just not in the budget. . . but when i found these affordable little treasures i just had to go for it. are these not the cutest prints ever!! i got them from this to-die-for etsy shop that i could look at all day long!
i think they look so sweet in the kitchen.
happy almost summer!


The gFamily said...

I love all your birds and summer decor! Your new prints from etsy are SO fun! The anthropologie napkins as curtains is genius! Our homes are crazily similar with hanging plates, bird decor, and golden paint!

My newest favorite paint color is called Linden from Lowes. It's such a pretty blue and I have it in my favorite room... the laundry room! :)

Pat and Patty said...