Sunday, May 9, 2010

mama, mommy, ma ma ma ma

here are some snapshots from mothers day in our family. it was sunny, papa and grandma brought lattes and had breakfast here, we went to church, home for french dip sandwiches, off to naps, out to dinner with grammy and grampy and the harrows and finally home for family soccer in the front yard. it was a full day filled with people we love.
emery always reminds me of a little bird when she eats. . this is her at dinner. for some reason i think it is so cute when aaron does this with the staw.

white tulips, new yellow flats what could be better on mothers day! we tried to get a picture of all the kids and me before dinner. . . sometimes it just doesn't work if you can believe it this is actually the best one and it is not good!
when i think of being a mom this last year these are the words that come to mind - busy, blessed beyond my wildest dreams, exhausting, noisy, bows, uniforms to wash, prayer, proud, humbling, questions, guilt, self reflection, thankfulness, unconditional love beyond comprehension, laughter, forgiveness, fullness, worry, milk, green smoothies, hard work, support, schedules, decisions, tears, reading, cuddling. . ..
ma ma ma - emery's first words
mama - the boys always call me mama or still at times mommy
mommy - lucia calls me mommy almost all the time

i love being a mom it is hard and so humbling but it is worth every moment!


The Boggs Family said...

:) Smiling. So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day & felt so blessed! Love all the pics & your words to describe what comes to mind when you think about this past year as a Mom... you do an amazing job, Darcy! Lots of love to you and your sweet family!

The Tampiens said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best moms I know! I hope I'm half the mom you are someday... :) Love you! So sorry we missed Aaron's graduation party -- feeling better today, but still so bummed we weren't there. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!! We loved the time with you and the kids.


Pat and Patty said...

AND you are a GREAT ONE!

The gFamily said...

Tulips and cute shoes?!!! You must be LOVED!! You are an amazing momma, so it's no surprise!!! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

you are truly amazing as a mom, wife, friend...we all love you! happy happy mother's day--the browns