Thursday, July 8, 2010

final four baby - hoopfest 2010

it has been like waiting for christmas morning for five years! the boys have been dying to play in hoopfest since they were two years old. it is the largest outdoor three on three tournament in the country and all of the streets of downtown are shutdown for the weekend! i always had a team when i was in high school. hoopfest is a big deal around this family. there is always a family member or members playing. well. . . . finally the boys got to play this year! they were a year young so they played up with the third grade division. we were apprehensive going in because they are so competitive, and we thought for sure there would be a few meltdowns. but i am happy to report they handled winning and losing really well and the heat. their team made it to the semi-finals and took fourth. we were so proud of the team. what a great experience! keagan shooting a little jumper!
kinkade preparing for a free throw.
loved how long it took for them to sign in each game and their darling end of first grade hand writing.
kinkade after a tough loss. . but no tears.
keagan after a tough loss. love the sweat dirt streaks on his face.
the team goofing around before the game.
the girls made their debut sunday morning but it was hot and i wanted to watch the games so they went home by early afternoon. thank you grammy for taking the girls for most of the weekend.
grampy coached and was amazing as usual.
we played on the bridge and a had a great view of the park and water.
after the game we took the boys out for lunch. it is always fun to just have special time with them and have a conversation without a toddler interrupting every 3 words. . . .
goofing off at lunch. . .

love these two boys they are getting way too big . . . way to fast. . but we are trying to enjoy every stage and experience. here's to many more hoopfests to come!!!!


The Tampiens said...

Absolutely LOVE the picture of the boys hugging! And I have decided I will skip one of Jordan's games next year if it means getting to watch them play, regardless of if they're on the same schedule!! :)

Pat and Patty said...

I just love THEM!