Monday, July 26, 2010

snapshots of summer 2010

i just love everything about summer. . . sleeping with the windows open, the heat, eating ice cream bars all day, of course the lake, camps. . i could go on and on! here are a few well. . . .a lot of snapshots of the mcmurray summer so far! the boys came home to this summer bucket the last day of school.
sticky dirty baby toes!

an awesome big brother trying to teach emery to walk at the park.
all four kiddos packed up to hit the park!
grampy and grammy got the boys new bikes and helmets for the summer. they have LOVED them!
here is grampy with the boys shopping for the perfect bikes.
play dates with the hume twins.
we eat a lot of corn on the cob during the summer.
is this not the cutest pot ever. my creative friend ang gave me this for my birthday and i love it! it now is in full bloom with huge yellow daisies. . ahhhhhhhh!
my other really talented creative friend carla made this fabulous little cake stand for me it matches the house so perfectly!
dirty happy silly little girls playing!
if you remember the fourth of july post you will remember that we had major water damage at the end of june because of a burst pipe behind our dishwasher. well a month later we have a new dishwasher and beautiful bamboo floors. we had no appliances for 3 weeks it was a little inconvenient:)
i did all red tin buckets for flower pots this year i think they look really cute.
the boys left this morning for cross country camp with grampy. they could not be more excited.
it has been a summer of basketball camp, soccer camp, swim lessons. . . so much fun!
red picnic table, good wine and the lake. . it doesn't get much better!
i love this picture of kinkade and emery playing at the lake.
could these three be any more beautiful . . lake friends are the best!
lucia is so brave she always wants to go tubing with the big kids.
kellen and keagan relaxing at the lake.
how do i look in mom's hat?

our lake friends are so much fun. . they were doing a fun zumba class one morning and the kids loved it! the night before they had an awesome dance party!
we always find emery on the bottom shelf of the bakers rack with all the shoes within minutes of arriving at the lake. . . it is her favorite spot.
love this boy so much.
we all love it when dad makes a big breakfast at the lake.
we got these really fun new plastic adirondack chairs for the lake to match the picnic table. . i am noticing everything is red!
so much cuddle time in the summer evenings. . . my favorite time of the days . it has cooled down, the water is peaceful and dinner is on the bbq and the campfire is being prepared ready for another night of smores, laughs, flash light hide and seek, and cuddles.
the boys are really into cards this year.
kinkade left us all a little message. . I Love m,d,l,e,k!
one of the boys favorite parts of summer so far has been neighborhood friends. they are finally old enough to ride their bikes around and find someone to play with.
of course there are tons of cool summer treats at the lake! sorry for the super long summer post i just want to remember all the fun little details about this unique summer and the fun ages of the kids. happy summer!!!!!!


The Boggs Family said...

FUN! You guys are such an incredible family. Can you please teach me how to "do" family life that way? :) Love all the pics & am so glad you guys are enjoying a great Summer. Love - like, LOVE!, that pic of Emery in your hat! :) Too cute for words. And oh my land, was your cutiepatootie Lucia really on her 5th piece of corn on the cob in that photo?! :) hahaha. Isn't it awesome what a hit corn on the cob is with kids? Your boys are darling as ever & I love their sun-kissed cheeks as they're playing cards. Bet they all play hard & love it at the lake, then conk out & sleep hard. Yeah! :) Love all your beautiful & whimsical decor & fun touches you add to everything... the "M" on the flower pots, using canister buckets like that, going with a red theme at the lake, your mason jar holding the flower on the cute cake stand... am smiling at how totally fitting they all are. Everything goes perfectly with your beautiful family! :) Love you guys...
P.S. What a fantastic idea to make summer buckets for the kids on their last day of school. Am going to store that one away for when our kids are in that stage. :)

The Tampiens said...

Aahhhhhh SUMMER!!! Love all your pictures. The one of Emery in your hat... OH MY WORD.

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Yeah for summer! I love your "super long" post. Such great pictures and moments to savor! I love peeking in on your beautiful family.

The gFamily said...

Happy Summer!! It looks like you guys have packed a lot of fun into your summer!! I love your new floors!!

We have 2 weeks left of our summer! :( I can't believe it is almost over already!!