Wednesday, July 14, 2010

lake baby!

this baby girl LOVES the lake! as you can see above she loves to be dirty and play in the sand and water! she is so content and happy when she is outside. we are having so much fun with emery at this age she just cracks us up all the time. our favorite part of raising emery so far is seeing the interactions and love she has for her siblings. she adores lucia and squeals every time she sees her and her brothers can make her laugh more than anyone else. here she is at the lake the last few weekends. . . .

i love it when she purses her lips together like this . . when she is pleased with herself.
on the way home from the lake i got the girls huckleberry smoothies oh yeah i got one for myself too:) it was silent the rest of the trip while we all sipped pure heaven!

in the morning we always put our chairs out to have coffee and look at the water. . i love this pic of emery and dad having morning coffee. we though emery would want to cuddle at the campfire but no she wanted her own seat.
this is a rare moment. . . emery is my first child who is not a book cuddler. . she is a book wrestler we are working on being a good respectful listener when someone is reading. can you tell i am a teacher:)there are tons of kids at the lake and they all love to come and take our girls on wagon rides. it is a hit with the girls!another favorite activity is climbing up and down the stairs over and over again.
i remember when all our kids went through the little chair stage where they were so thrilled to climb in and out of little chairs just their size.
emery pearl we all think you are the greatest baby on the planet and you make us smile and laugh all the time! God had a plan when He brought you into our life. you are a living miracle!every time i look into your eyes it reminds me to trust God because He has amazing plans for our family that i could have never imagined.


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

She is so precious! She reminds me of Clara in many ways, especially in her love for the lake and her love for climbing stairs (Clara is obsessed). It would be so fun to get our girls together sometime ;). Glad you guys are enjoying summer as a fam!

Pat and Patty said...