Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the fourth. . . the lake!

the fourth of july is all about the lake for the mcmurrays. . rain or shine. . . sadly this year more rain than shine. we started at our lake place then up to our favorite murphy bay! watermelon is another lucia favorite! i think she ate a whole mini watermelon by herself. emery is so happy outdoors this kid just takes it all in and gets really dirty at the lake!
janny and ryan and uncle bryan came up on saturday to join us. the lake and good friends it doesn't get much better. janny plays and plays and plays some more with lucia they are great friends!
this is my new favorite emery face when she eats something she likes she puts her nose up in the air. . closes her eyes and says mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
then we we were off to murphy bay on the actual fourth of july! we got a late start because i finally woke the girls up at 10:30 to leave. these two girls sleep in! the air and water were not warm but my kids all got in of course. i love to look back on posts from previous years . . . check out these links to see the last few fourths with the mcmurrays -

wow. . looking back over the last few years l just realized this is the first fourth of july we have not added a new human to the family . . praise GOD:) love my babies but have enough.
emery pours, eats, smashes, dumps, digs, scrunches, throws, and eats more sand! she is a sand baby.
kinkade teaching lucia how to fish and sharing the pole.
i love this next picture. . . so beautiful there.
look at this cast. . .
a huge highlight of the fourth at murphy bay is Rio. she is one year older than the boys and they all play great together. their friendship started a few years back when she was the flower girl and they were the ring bearers in whitney's wedding.
all three swimming and jumping off the dock notice the clouds it was cold! the kids did not seem to notice like the adults.
whitney serving yummy drinks!
patty teaching keagan how to paddle. she is so good with all of our kids.
we are so thankful to be a part of the murphy's holiday family time. we always have so much fun at murphy bay and love every minute!
the fifth of july is lucia's referralaversary! when we were driving home from murphy bay three years ago is when we got the call that our precious baby girl was born! here is the post. . . . .
hope you had a fun fourth and are enjoying summer! oh i almost forgot to add a picture of our current kitchen. yep a pipe burst behind the dishwasher and this is what my house looks like. it sounds like an airplane has landed in our living room it is so loud with all the industrial fans and humidifiers drying the water damage. it is such a pain but we are making it and is just an inconvenience.


Pat and Patty said...

SOOOO fun to see the past 3-4 yrs and how the kids have grown!!!!!! LOVED HAVING YOU AS ALWAYS - YOU ARE ALL FAMILY - FOREVER!!
Thanks for taking time with us and our crazy weather.
Hugs the Murphys

The Tampiens said...

I just looked through all the 4th of July links that you posted -- SO FUN!!! I can't believe how much the boys (and girls!) have grown! It's official, I feel old. We love spending the 4th of July with the McMurrays!

The Boggs Family said...

Have been loving your posts & meaning to write a comment for too long. ;) So glad the McMurray fam is having such a great summer so far. :) Happy (belated) to Lucia! Wow - 3 years just flew by.. (we are right there with ya) ;), and I love these lake pics! Beautiful - and how fun that your family is laced with such stellar traditions: be it birthday maple bars, 4th of july's at murphy bay, Sunday dinner with your folks, ect. It's one of the endless things I love about you guys! P.S. How adorable are Lu's swimsuits!?! GREAT choices! :) Love you guys & sending a big hug your way...