Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 years home. . . forever family day!

we celebrated this precious, brilliant, funny, joyful, sweet little girl being home for three years yesterday! she requested baskin-n-robbins and pupcakes from starbucks (she has been eyeing them for quite some time!)
here she is with her special Guatemalan gift . . . perfect for her age learning her letters and how to write her name. yes that is chocolate ice cream on her mouth!
posing with all her requested treats! sprinkle ice-cream cones, chocolate ice cream and bubble gum ice cream for her brothers and of course the cupcakes (btw go to starbucks for coffee not cupcakes they were less than amazing:)
we celebrated with -
- treats of course!
- swimming at the Y with Dad and emery
- she requested the boys make her an obstacle course - her favorite game with her brothers.
- and my favorite part we watched her coming home video that whitney made for us! what would we do w/o the murphys in our life?!!! they bless our family in so many ways! we will watch that video every year on forever family day it is amazing!!

here are the links to her coming home day, first year , second year if you are interested!

love you lulu you are a ray of sunshine to everyone you meet!
adopting you is the best thing this family has ever done!!!!!!


The Tampiens said...

Aaawwww! So sweet that you guys watch the video every year. :) I'm so glad. We should find a way to put it on Vimeo or something so you can post it one of these years...

We LOVE Lucia!! So glad she is here forever. :)

The Boggs Family said...

WOW!! No way has it already been 3 years?!! It does not seem possible... I remember meeting you at the First Pres parking lot with Julie - shortly before she was coming home - and your boys were in Mrs. B's preschool class & you guys were gearin' up for bundling her to welcome her home from tropical to Winter weather. ;) Love you guys & just think you are an amazing family to incorporate such love & FUN traditions!!

Pat and Patty said...

I smile every time I think of her or see her! AND Her forever Day IS such a great day!!!!
LOVES to all

ryan & janny said...

We love you Lucia!! So so so glad you are in our life!! You bring us so much joy!!!