Monday, March 14, 2011

risk takers

dad and kinkade on the chair lift in front of us. . .we have been talking a lot about taking risks and trying new things with the boys. this last couple months they have had two huge firsts. we went skiing last weekend and had a blast. don't get me wrong there was a couple meltdowns but 95% of the time we had so much fun. it was a beautiful sunny day and there was fresh snow from the week. i have felt so thankful lately for the pacific northwest living 20 minutes from our lake place and 20 minutes from a great ski mountain is pretty awesome. on sunday on the way to church we had to stop for a family of deer which is a common thing around here and emery was squealing with joy - "hi deer, how ya doin?"
i was struck by how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place! i am a good complainer so i have to document when i am feeling blessed:)
the second big risk was the boys took an acting class that ended with a big greek gods performance. they went every monday and loved it. i was so proud of them for trying something brand new and learning so much. lucia can't wait until it is her turn. she sprinted up on the stage the minute she could!


ryan & janny said...

i love those two boys so much!! ...AND I CANNOT wait until Lucia and Emery take the stage! :)

Savannah said...

I'm so exited for everyones new activities! I hope I get to see the boys ski someday! That is so cool! I want to see them act to! And the girls! I just want to see you guys in general!

Love, Savannah

Blomgrens said...

Hey McMurray's! Glad we found your blog. We love skiing and have loved the pacific nw too. Hope we can get to know you better through the blog and we also hope to meet you sometime SOON!
-The Blomgrens

Pat and Patty said...

Wow Wow Wow and good job - so enjoyed the play - very impressive at their skills - REALLY!!!!
Cool they are on the hill - time for a Murphy/McMurray ski run-fun!

Marilyn McMurray said...

You two guys are the best! What a great thing to try. You will probably have lots of opportunities to act in skits and plays at school. And you look really good in those costumes, too
Love you all the time.
Grandma and Papa