Wednesday, March 23, 2011

here's what we have been up to the first week of spring. . .

the boy's spent the first day of spring with their godparents building new book shelves for their room. the finished project was spectacular. i will post pictures after kinkade's shelf is done. pat is so talented and the boys had a blast! patty made us a yummy yummy lunch. everyone needs fabulous godparents to help raise their children!
dr. pepper cupcakes! how else would you welcome spring?
my sweet husband brought me daffodils and they look perfect in my new spring vase from anthro!
of course a second st. paddy's celebration with grammy and grampy. . with full leprechaun costumes and corn beef and potatoes! she just might be the cutest leprechaun on the planet!
and. . . . it would not be the first week of spring without pink eye, ear infections, fevers and a trip to the doctor for antibiotics.
so sad they are so sick. . . . more pink eye and tons of gook! our girls are really sick!


the tampiens said...

I love that picture of my dad and the boys -- I hope they had as good of time as he did! He couldn't quit talking about it at work the next day. :) I hope the girls feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet girls, I hope you are feeling better. We love you.
Papa and Grandma

Jen said...

Oh so eye. Poor little babies.
Hope they are all better now.
Enjoy the good things that Spring brings!