Thursday, March 17, 2011

we caught one!

happy st. paddy's day from the mcmurrays! lulu's first leprechaun trap for preschool. . .look at the green footprints that showed up after her nap. she could not believe it.
we found these penny/root beer traps all over the house last night that the boys had made.
"hey mom looks what's in the toilet?"
"that is so rude the leprechaun peed in our toilet." - lucia's exact words:)
what a fun day! next year kinkade informed me we need to plan ahead and have corn beef for dinner.
ps. . emery does not have a side pony tail she just pulled the other pig tail lower.


The Boggs Family said...

yeah right, you totally gave her a side ponytail! hahah. J/K. I love her trap for school. Ken was a little embarassed when he went for donughts with Dad's day & showed up with Jack's lame-o trap I helped him make. (I won't make that mistake again!) ;) His class had some elaborate ones for sure! And clearly, Lucia's was in that awesome category - nice job! P.S. love all the fun you added with the footprints & getting your kids involved in the fun. ;)

ryan & janny said... fun!

Anonymous said...

We always laugh out loud at these posts and pics!!! How do you find the time to have so much fun and make life this much fun for the kids? Love you all!
Grandma and Papa

Anonymous said...

LOVE the green pee! Great idea! We had lucky charms for breakfast (which is a treat to have sugar cereal for breakfast) and then of course green milk for dinner! xo love, kc