Thursday, March 3, 2011

oh emery or is it ozzie osborne!?

this kid is CRAZY! i did not do any of these hair dos or outfits. i found her looking this way. she cracks us up all day. she is a pistol with more gusto than we ever imagined. she is nuts~ here she is today. . . her hair is out of control but it matches her personality! we have started bunsies they are so stinkin cute and fit her sass!

her favorite things all in one. . she wears this swim cap all the time. . fancy shoes all day even over her jammies and she loves jammies!
her" i will not eat one more bite" look. . . that we see all day.
yep, every time she finds a head band she puts it on backwards and will not put it on the right way. as mentioned many times before is the messiest eater on the planet!
have i mentioned the rats nest that she has 99% of the time. i have never seen a nastier rat's nest in any one's hair. . it is her trademark.
i can't wait to see this kid in high school. half the time i think she looks like ozzie osborne and acts like him too!


The Homemade Renegade said...

What a cutie!!! Love the pics, and the hair!
So, where are your parents taking you for spring break???? Scavenger hunts are the best. BTW -- LOVE the homemade valentines the kids made. So FUN!

jonesfamily said...

Oh I love this post. Emery would fit in so well over here at our house. Our girls share the same love of headbands and hairstyles...especially Belle and the rat's nest. We have many bottles of spray detangler floating around this house. If you have not used that yet, I highly reccomend it! It changed our life (well at least our ability to get out the door with brushed hair...sometimes)

Love you all and miss you!


The Tampiens said...

This post seriously cracked me up! I love Emery's randomness and spunk. :)

The gFamily said...

Laughing so hard! I bet she adds just the right amount of extra spice to your home! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

We laughed out loud at this post and pictures. She is so cute and so in your face. She has fit into your family like a duck to water. Love her and all of you so much.
Grandma and Papa

ryan & janny said...