Friday, January 24, 2014

christmas in salem

we went to salem to celebrate christmas with the mcmurray family on the 23rd and 24rth.  we had a book gift exchange with adults and kids that we chose names for.  the cousins had a toy gift exchange and we did a white elephant candy gift exchange that was a blast.  enjoy. . . .
 photo i-gcjkSXN-XL_zps4eca229a.jpg
 photo i-fvgkBmF-XL_zpse8d285e1.jpg
 photo i-6MMTMVm-L_zps76f72360.jpg
 photo i-jH58vM2-L_zps6f357afb.jpg
 photo i-mgQSMXx-L_zps84eb18cc.jpg
 photo i-hcNJBwJ-XL_zpsa222b54c.jpg
 photo i-DRCtjF4-XL_zpsa0152beb.jpg
 photo i-7VfJNSM-XL_zpscbdd14a0.jpg
 photo i-3mZWWGp-L_zps7e0e0e18.jpg
 photo i-4jfSjDq-L_zps9d22c84c.jpg

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Kay C. England said...

Emery's face with her candle is priceless! I love it!!! Did you get a new lens?! Photos are looking good!! xoxo