Tuesday, January 14, 2014

our four year old

So. . . . . with all the craziness of moving . . i never really recorded emery's official birthday pics, interview and sweet 4-year old pics.  and now in 2.5 months we will have a 5 year old and i can't believe it. better late than never.  emery pearl is one of a kind - enthusiastic and swings big with passion and grumpies just like her brother keagan did.  infact those two are cut from the same cookie cutter we think.  both focussed, energetic, relational, active, outgoing, loves people and learning! here is emery's 4 year old interview -

favorite movie - Frozen and Elf
favorites food - shrimp, quesadillas, noodles
colors - pink, gold, blue
where is your favorite place to go - disneyland, school, brooklyn's house
favorite things in life - God, my whole family, puppies, flowers, bridges, and bacon
what do you need to work on in your life - volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, handstands
favorite activities - swimming, school, dancing
biggest fear - getting lost at disneyland
favorite holidays - christmas and 4rth of july
favorite toys - mermaid barbie and stuffed animal dog
when you grow up what do you want to be - teacher
what makes you happiest - birthday parties, mommy and daddy dates, school days

we had a precious ballet party -
 photo IMG_6414_zps3b91e986.jpg
 photo IMG_6413_zpsf89a43ee.jpg
 photo IMG_6415_zpse1f96148.jpg
 photo IMG_6421_zpsa79734f5.jpg
 photo DSC_0490_zps55a7b6df.jpg
of course mel came and participated!

my dear friend since preschool took emery's four year old photos. . she truly captured the essence of emery heart and soul.  i adore the pictures.  check out more of her awesome work at
 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-43_zps30a7f37b.jpg

 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-34_zpsb9fe2ba2.jpg

 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-13_zps2e622c0b.jpg

 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-12_zps5ecd225c.jpg

 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-39_zps89fbbcf9.jpg
 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-42_zps0be726af.jpg
 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-5_zps1e2390e3.jpg
 photo EmeryMcMurrayAge4-2_zps14a63a53.jpg

of course pics of her actual birthday morning.  grandma brought our sweet nieces and surprised emery for her birthday.
 photo DSC_0524_zpsb4c83de8.jpg
 photo DSC_0534_zps9ac7dfa7.jpg
 photo DSC_0529_zps2f340a86.jpg
 photo DSC_0537_zps7ce7d56d.jpg
 photo DSC_0546_zpsbd017fb5.jpg
 photo DSC_0541_zps6d7aa950.jpg

we love you our spirited and energetic 4 year old!


margo long said...

Love this entry. Happy sweet girl Emery Pearl our darling grand daughter. We love you!!!!!!

Kay C. England said...

She is just darling and seeing my photos here brought a big smile to my face! What a special afternoon that was!! So missing you guys....