Saturday, January 18, 2014

more christmas

 photo DSC_0676_zps2cf3bfda.jpg
all four kids on top of the yukon with the tree 
 photo DSC_0672_zps848aec3b.jpg
we found it! 
 photo IMG_6385_zpsfa16f459.jpg
girls putting the angel on together
 photo IMG_6372_zpsf542d4f5.jpg
sunday morning family church
 photo IMG_6353_zpsac1dd688.jpg
cuddles from grampy
 photo IMG_6383_zpsa561a53f.jpg
loves to ride in the car with kids and cuddle 
 photo IMG_6378_zps6c02a15c.jpg

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Kay C. England said...

no saw photo?

LOVE the family church!!! Wish we could have family church with YOU! xoxo