Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July @ Murphy Bay

Whitney and Kinkade with Sparklers!
Yes, the boys caught a fish. . . don't be fooled it was a sucker fish.

Dad and Kinkade cuddling at the campfire.

Our modest, shy Keagan - Ha!

Kinkade loved fishing he has been practicing casting and reeling into the street all spring waiting for this moment.

I wanted to share some pics from the Fourth! We had the most wonderful time at Murphy Bay. We have a fabulous tradition of going up to Pat and Patty's (the boys godparents and our dearest friends) lake cabin at Murphy Bay. Kinkade whispered in my ear as we watched the firework's across the lake around the campfire "this has been my favorite day ever mom!"
Keagan chimed in to say it was his new favorite holiday. We swam, ate, did tons of fireworks, fished, played, sat around the campfire and had smores, and slept hard! It was the perfect lake day! During the day I couldn't help praying that next year there is sweet little toddler with us to splash around. I have to confess I already bought her a fourth of July sun dress and bathing suit. . . I couldn't resist. Just try and walk past the baby girl 4rth of July attire at old navy it is impossible. We are currently at 11 weeks this coming Saturday. Anytime the phone should ring, yet I know at least 4 families in front of us on the waiting list for a girl. In the meantime we are enjoying summer around here. Here are some pictures from yesterday. Thanks for checking in with the blog it means a lot to me. Make sure you check the last post and vote for a name. It has been so much fun to read every one's feedback.


Tam said...

Great pics! I especially love the one of your son fishing in the lake.

lindsmurphy1 said...

What a fun day! It was so great being able to relax with you guys and to see the boys. They are getting so big. Love you guys!!

Bryan said...

Dars--You are the BEST photographer! Great photos of what looks like a great day.

Anonymous said...

You know we have more fun then the boys :)
Love having you as always and as it turns out you did need that swimsuit.

Love you all
P and P