Sunday, July 29, 2007

Trip #1 Day 2 & 3 in Guatemala

This is my new favorite pic. I absolutley love the dimples!
The boys wanted a picture of her with the purple hippo to see exactly how big she is in comparison. We built the hippo as a family with a voice chip in it, so she will hear our voices over and over. Everyone chose one thing to say to her.
Mom - I love you come home soon.
Dad - We love you baby sister
Kinkade - I love you my baby sister I want you to come home
Keagan - Always Rejoice (classic Keagan:)

Pretty in Pink

Always sleeping. . .

Mom and baby sister out to Italian dinner. The best Italian dinner I have ever had!

I think I'm going to love my dad! He is so hansome. (Janny and Ryan check out my outfit.)

Cuddling by the pool.

Check out this bow Murphy girls and my super dimple!

Oh yeah, my mom and dad think they have the name. . . 99.9% sure. We will go public next post!

Thanks for all the comments and prayers. We have felt them in every way. I love reading the comments they are so encouraging to us on this journey. We have had an amazing trip. She has been so much fun. We have relaxed, ate great food and enjoyed every minute of caring for our sweet baby. I can 't believe she already smiles at only one month old. We stare at her all day! She is so tiny. . . we are guessing maybe 6.5 or 7 pounds might be pushing it. She has her second doctors appointment the day after we leave so we will find out her exact weight in a medical report that our agency will send. Pray for us tomorrow as we hand her back to her loving Foster Mom. I am sure part of my heart is going to be left here in Guatemala.


Anonymous said...

Darcy and Aaron- I had tears in my eyes reading your message--just so sweet. What a blessing to have time to spend with your little one and each other. May God give you peace as you leave and joy in anticipation of being together again soon. We love you all. Mulders

Anonymous said...

Cutest little angel! Love the new pictures. She looks like she is very happy with her new mom and dad. How could she not be? Every picture is full of love. Post more. They make us feel like we are there with you.

Grampy and Grammy Sparkle

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so amazing. She is so adorable!! It will be so hard to wait to see her and hold her. Love to the three of you.

We tried to call you and couldn't get the phone number to work. The boys are fine and love the presents you left for them. We are excited about spending this time with them.

Love you.
Mom and Dad

The boys loved seeing her compared to the hippo! She is so tiny.

Gregg said...

D & A, We couldn't get over the adorable pictures. It's like you all are right here. What an amazing adventure you are on, so filled with love and blessings. She's precious and perfect and seems delighted with her new mommy and daddy. We are so happy for all of you and we'll continue our prayers. We love you, Randi & Gregg

Anonymous said...

Darcy and Aaron,
We have loved reading your blog, following your story and seeing the pictures updated. You precious baby girls is adorable. Our prayers are with all three of you. Randy and Michelle Ramey and the girls

Mommy2B said...

She is beautiful! I am so glad you were able to enjoy this time with her in Guatemala.

I cannot wait to hear her name... Please come back and update us..


Kay C. Dightman said...

I just keep staring at the pictures over and over again....amazing! If I already love her, I can't even imagine how you both are feeling?!?

What precious memories you will have of this very special time with her...wishing you peace as you leave and prayers for safety.

Love you dearly, Kay C., Hailey & Hannah

Kari H. said...

Love the smile and dimples! I just can't believe that she is soon to be yours! I pray for the fastest adoption possible!

Anonymous said...

okay, you are not posting near enough. you should see me checking this blog every minute!
she sooooo beautiful! just a little princess!
you guys!?? i still cannot believe she is yours!
such love!
we are praying for you fiercely!
we miss you and cannot wait to see you!
heidi and ryan

ryan & janny said...

we love you guys so much and will be praying for you tomorrow.
see you soon!

Bryan said...

She is more beautiful with every picture you take! Love the dimples, the love cute smile. (We'll discuss the bows later--sorry Linds and Whit) :O)

Kiss her lots for us!

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait to meet her!!!....We are praying for you guys. Has anyone told you yet how beautiful she is???


lindsmurphy1 said...

Oh...she just gets more and more gorgeous each day! Those dimples are amazing. I absolutely LOVE her big bow and can't wait to see her in more! I love you guys so much and will be praying for you tomorrow and for a safe trip home. I can't wait to hear here name!!!

lindsmurphy1 said...

Oh...she just gets more and more gorgeous each day! Those dimples are amazing. I absolutely LOVE her big bow and can't wait to see her in more! I love you guys so much and will be praying for you tomorrow and for a safe trip home. I can't wait to hear here name!!!

Anonymous said...

We could not wait to get back from the lake to see these - There are not words to say how cute she is...except Pat says to have Aaron call him for advice when she is 16 and the boys are coming around like crazy. (He will share some ideas ;) I know you will be spent physically and emotionally with highs and lows. I remember that when we had to leave Linds at the hospital for 14 days - how hard that was. I of course I was crying, angry etc...and my peds
Doc said I was a bit of a pansy but at the time it was the hardest thing - and I know I did not have the wait you have but just know it's o.k. to be sad and yet it is the journey she is taking and it will make her strong and she looks likes she is SO happy so those are the things to think about as you wait out the process.

We love you
Pat and Patty

whitney tampien said...

Are you guys sure she's real?!??! She's so HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL!! Those dimples are to die for! And regardless of what Bryan says, I LOVE HER BOWS!!! :) Don't be surprised if a couple are missing and you see me wearing them... ha! Jordan would love that!

I am continuing to pray for her and for your family as you wait to bring her home. We love you all so much! And we are so excited to hear what her name is!!!