Sunday, September 2, 2007

2 Month Doctors Appointment

I was so happy to see my favorite little brown leggings on her!

Here is a little smile. I am so big now 9 lbs. 6 oz.

We just got Lucia's 2 month doctor's report and pictures. I can't wait to go see her in 3 weeks. My mom and I leave September 20th, and will be there 4 days. The following is the medical report we received from her doctor.
This afternoon I had the opportunity to review little Angela Daniela, she has now reached 2 months of age and has been, the caregiver shares with me, doing well in the time since her last visit to my office one month ago, she continues to show a steady growth and her development, judging from what I am told, is also progressing well, she is definitely much more alert now and interested in what surrounds her, she starts to smile in return and makes some initial cooing noises of her own, when on her stomach she is able to lift her chest up from the bed and shows active, still reflex, movements of arms and legs, being able to move her arms in circles. The caregiver also tells me that this little one takes well her formula and is also receiving her ordered vitamin supplement. Upon evaluation today I found her in good health both her physical and neurological assessments appear within normal limits, her weight is 9 lbs 6 oz, length of 51.2 cms and head circumference of 36.8 cms


Rachelle said...

Darcy-She looks so wonderful and healthy!! Darling as usual. I am so glad that she is growing well and well taken care of. Love, Rachelle

Tam said...

She's just beautiful!

whitney tampien said...

I absolutely love her! I can't wait to see that cute brown swimsuit on her at the lake next summer, and the lime green juicy suit, and... okay, I'll stop there! :)

Anonymous said...

oh darcy. you will get to be with her in no time! she is just getting cuter and cuter!
love, heidi

Susan said...

OH! She is beautiful! I cannot imagine how excited you are to have her home - she is one lucky little girl. Have a safe trip!
Susan Surby

Anonymous said...

Aaron and Darcy
She is so adorable.She has changed so much already. She is gaining weight exactly the way she should be!! It must be so encouraging for you. We love you.

Mom and Dad

Anne said...

Oh, she is so cute! I hope to meet her at the hotel. I'll be visiting Natalie with my mom on 9/20.

Anne (FTC mom to Natalie)