Monday, September 17, 2007

Ready to go for Visit Trip #2 - 5 days left

This is Aaron's favorite picture from out first visit trip when she was 4 weeks old and only 6 lbs.
She looks older because I zoom in with my camera and she is so alert and smiley. I can't wait to see her in 5 days.
I got these ear-rings for our Foster Mother and her 3 daughters. Each time we go we take a special gift to her. Every picture I see of her with Lucia she has on a different pair of ear-rings. Last visit we brought linens and a gifts for each daughter. They are laying on my favorite blanket that Mandolyn made for Lucy before our last trip. I had been looking for a white blanket for photo shoots when we were there. And of course my thoughtful, talented friend Mandolyn whipped one out.

Grammy bought this towel blanket before our last trip. I absolutely love it.

These are the three dresses we are bringing for her next stage to give to her foster mother 3-6 months. The polka-dot one is form the Armstrongs. The second one my mom and I have had for 4 years waiting for a special little girl. The third I got is the most adorable sweater dress!
I think I might have a bathing suit fetish. Maybe it is because I hate wearing bathing suits now, so I just buy the cute ones for Lucia.

This is so sweet. . . I looked over our bed this morning where I have everything laid out for Lucia, and this little bear outfit had been added. Kinkade took it off his Starbucks bear from Grammy and wants me to bring it so Lucy has a Halloween costume.

My famous quote is "I have been dying to put tights on somebody!" The boys would probably let me, but Aaron would not be so happy. Check out these tights Grammy and I found are they not the cutest:) The tights, socks, and bows are my favorite. I swear I am not a foo foo girl! What has happened to me?????????

These are my two favorite hand-me-downs from Anna Miller in 3-6 months. The Millers have been so good to us with all the clothes for Lucy.

My two favorite outfits! Whitney and Jordan gave us the brown Gap sweatsuit, and I got the pink one on sale for the next stage. So soft and hip!

This is what our bedroom looks like. . .. . hmmm. . . . We leave Thursday night. Please pray for safe travel, and another amazing time bonding with Lucia.

OK, I had to show you these red outfits. My favorite color on little girls is red. She is going to be so sweet in these.

THE INFAMOUS BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See they are not that big they just look huge in the pics b/c she is so tiny. I was hoping to get some surprise visit pictures before we left from our agency. Keep checking back and of course I will post pics while we are in Guatemala. Thanks for praying!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you!!! It will be so special for Grandma to meet her as well - be safe and enjoy each moment (dressing her ;)

Also tell Aaron to call if he needs us for ANYTHING...


Anonymous said...

i loved this post!!! (from one clothing lover....for baby girls-not so much mine....i also have a swim suit obsession for my girls) hmmm, and i tell you i have no idea where abbey and anna get their love of NEW clothes. you just wait, lucy is going to be the SAME way. how can she help it, her mother is training her already! :) she will be ready to shop with you!

have so much fun my sweet friend! can't wait to see how much she has grown.
love to you,

Rachelle said...

You are definatley ready to go see that sweet Lucy. I know that Grammy Sparkles is so excited too!! Love you guys, Rachelle

whitney tampien said...

Darc! We will be praying for you and your mom as you visit Lucy this weekend. And of course, we can't wait to see her in all those ADORABLE clothes... especially the brown juicy suit! :)

Bryan said...

Ok. I'll be the male who responds to the litany of bows, tights, dresses, bikinis, etc. Darcy--embrace your foo-foo-ness!! It's undeniable and if I didn't love you so much I would be embarrassed for you. I'll be praying for you and Margo to have a safe trip. Give Lucy our love.