Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Day of School & ready for Halloween

Someday Lucy is going to be ready for school. . . I love this picture from our trip of her smiling at her books. It must be meant to be she is my daughter at 4 weeks smiling and checking out all the books I left with her foster mother. This was the last picture I took before we went to say goodbye.

YES! I know I'm crazy the boys have already chosen their Halloween costumes. This is what I found at nap time the day we bought them. For all of you out there who are worried about safety I did remove the mask, he was sound asleep. We are ready for Halloween . . . counting down the days (literally !!!!!! )
As a family we celebrated the last day of summer at Riverfront park and then lunch at Salty's on the water. The boys rode all the rides for the first time. Aaron and I tried the "Sizzler" with them and were both green (is this part of getting old?)

First Day of pre-school at the Church. . . . so excited that we got there half an hour early and had time for another photo shoot:)
Off to school . . .
Mom and the boys!

Kinkade Trevor McMurray First Day of School

Keagan Thomas McMurray First Day of School

Well. . . keep praying we just received wonderful news from our agency that the US is speeding up on their Pre-Approvals. We could get it maybe anytime. . . Christmas might be actually realistic if this happens. Then off to the big scary PGN. The hardest, most unknown, long part of the process. Keep praying for our Pre-Approval. We also are hard at work re-doing one of our documents that we found a little mistake in. It is hopefully a blessing we found it now, instead of getting kicked out of PGN.
The boys are loving every minute of pre-school. We adore their teacher. She looped up with the class from last year. They now go three mornings a week instead of two. My prayer was that they would LOVE SCHOOL and have an amazing start to their education and it has been more than answered.
I am counting the days until my mom and I leave next week. Only 10 more days until I am holding Lucia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep checking back we should be getting surprise pictures before we leave. I have really been missing her this week. My therapy is re-folding and packing her clothes over and over. I think she will still be in 0-3 months when we are there, but we are bringing a whole bunch of 3-6 months since we won't see her before then.


Rachelle Mulder said...

Darcy-The pictures are adorable. I love the book and crib picture!! She will always love books--so sweet of you to get her some spanish books. The boys are darling--so big and ready for school. The Halloween countdown is also on at our house--Love you guys. Rachelle

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! I check everyday to see if there are any new ones. She is just tooooo cute!! I love the halloween one. Having all boys, I can totally relate. Darcy,I miss seeing you every morning! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Bryan said...

Lucy come quick!! Before we know it the boys will be off to college. We are praying for you sweet Lucy. We are grateful that you are already getting so big and smart. We love your big brown eyes and wide smiles. You are Joy and we can't wait to be with you. Hold on...Mama and Abuelita Chispee will be there to tide you over very soon and rep the PacNW.


Tam said...

Great pictures! Praying you get PA soon!

Kari H. said...

Hi Darcy -
My boys have been carrying around their trick-or-treat pumpkin buckets for a week now! I decorated the first week of school for Halloween and the kids were so cute when they came home and saw all the "totally awesome decorations!" I will keep you, your mom, and Lucy in my prayers for your visit and for the whole process to go smoothly! Tons of Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Fall!
Love all the updates - Happy school to the boys - sounds like things are on track we keep speed in our prayers - hopfully you are getting some rest before you go.

She is still beautiful as are the boys - where is the time going...
much love today