Saturday, September 22, 2007

Visit trip #2 with Grammy Day 1

She is so beautiful, but more than a pretty face she has the sweetest most joyful personality!

Here are the famous dimples:)
We have been talking to her about her two brothers. K&K she loves the green dragon, she smiles everytime we play the music. I think she is going to join right into the McMurray dance parties.

My favortite pic.

My Grammy is magical with babies. She makes me smile all day and she sings to me! I think Grammy is head over heals.

Showing off my polka-dots.
We will end on the famous Lucy smile.
We are having a such a relaxing time. Lucy is as sweet ever. She woke only once last night at 4:30 and than slept until 8:00. We will keep updating the blog. We would love to hear from you. It is so much fun to interact with home.


Lucy's Dad said...

Finally!! With all the cuddling and kissing, it's no wonder you've just gotten around to getting pictures of LJ up! Her cheeks just keep getting bigger. She seems so happy, and I can tell she loves Grammy Sparkle. We miss you so much, but the boys and I are having tons of fun with Papa. Gotta go. We're on our way to the dump.
Love you. Give her tons of kisses from her Dad.

Bryan said...

Sweet Lucy Jane! Cuter and happier with each passing day.

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!!! I'm at my parents' house visitng, and my dad said she looks like a little baby model. She does!
I'm so glad your trip is going well. Please keep the pictures coming. i can't get enough!
"I Love Lucy" :) (bet you've never heard that one!)
Love, Carla

Kathy Hansen said...

Oh Darcy - she is getting more beautiful everyday, just like everyone says. What a treat for you and your mom to have this time together with her. She looks so happy.


Anonymous said...

How did you end up with the cutest baby ever!!??!! I want to squeeze her! Oh Darcy, she is the doll you always dreamed of. I love that her personality is so joyful. That is the biggest blessing of all! Love all the pictures. Even though it takes forever to download, we are loving getting to be a part of all of it!
Blessings to you, Grammy Sparkle, and Miss Lucy Jane!

Anonymous said...

WE HAVE GOT TO GET TO GUATEMALA!! ...I cannot wait to meet her! She is so cute... we are going to be best friends!
love you guys! Have so much fun cuddling her!
-ryan & janny

Mommy2B said...

I love the brown bow!!!
Glad you are having a great trip...

Anonymous said...

Good looking kid can't wait until you bring her home. To Grammies house. We'll teach her to wrestle.