Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas tree cutting and what's next for Lucia

We went to go get our Christmas tree today. It was a beautiful snowy day. We made peppermint hot cocoa, brought our Christmas music and headed up to Camden Ranch where we always cut down our tree. We needed a fun family activity after saying goodbye to Janny and Ryan this morning. They leave for Korea in a week for a year. We are going to miss them so much. We all cried.
Every year we take the "saw picture."
Look at the size of those snowflakes!
We have been over the moon about Lucia coming home. We were told realistically it will probably be right after Christmas. Here is what has to happen before she can come home:

*Birth mother signs final decree (final time she signs off)
*Birth certificate issued (with our last name!)
*Passport issued
*Orange (request for DNA to be done)
*DNA taken
*Results to US Embassy
*Pink Slip sent by e-mail to us with the date of our embassy appointment, which she is place in our arms forever. Embassy appointments are running about a week after you get your pink slip via email.
*Buy plane tickets and pack our bags to go pick her up!!
* Go to embassy appointment in Guatemala City
* Bring Lucia Jacinta Shean McMurray home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We should get an update on our progress this week. Our agency sends updates every 10 days.


Kay C. said...

Having only girls, I can honestly say we have never taken a "SAW" photo...and don't think we ever will. The funny thing is that the thought has never even crossed my mind, nor theirs...

Pretty sure that Lucia will opt to be with mom when the saw photo is taken next year! Ha!

can't wait to meet her!
love, KC

Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of a "pink" Christmas...
Much love
Love the Tree photos!!!

Hugs to all and give Janie and Ryan our best!

Kathy Hansen said...

OK, I only have girls, but they each own their own saw. And yes we do have a "saw picture" of Alyssa and Tom cutting down her first tree for her own apartment. Don't count Lucy out on future saw pictures.


ryan & janny said...

miss you guys.. we love staying with you and are already talking about how we could live with you when we come home. :) I think we need to go back to the communal living idea.

Can't wait to see the Christmas tree all decorated.
love you guys!
talk to you soon!

lindsmurphy1 said...

Hurray for cutting down your own tree...I love that tradition. It looks like it was the perfect day for it!

Alisha said...

Darcy! Hello sweet girl, I found your blog and have been reading through your entries over the last months. I sounds like you will have your little girl home very soon! How wonderful. It sounds like it has been a long process..the adoption. Hang in there, I am praying for you and your family and thinking of you often. Much Love,