Tuesday, December 4, 2007

November agency photos

Here is Lucia laying on her tummy she can roll over from tummy to back now.
Looking a little serious I think she might miss us. . . .

Cute tights and head band I think her foster mom is starting to get the hang of this:)

I love the side view she has a such a sweet profile.

Miss serious. . .
At her 5 month doctors appointment. She weights 13 pounds now so she can finally wear 3-6 month clothing.
I can't wait until she is home. We are so relieved and having a ball putting together her nursery. We did not want to start it until she was out of PGN.

Here she is at a Surprise visit to her foster mom's house. Wearing Anna's sleeper. I love that comfy puffy sleeper.
If you are interested I copy and pasted her 5 month doctor's report. Maybe next appointment will be here in Spokane!
I hope you are doing fine, this afternoon I had the opportunity to review little Angela Daniela, she has now reached 5 months of age and has been, I am told, doing fine in the time since her last visit with me, she continues to show a steady growth and her development also appears to be progressing well, she likes to listen to music and continues to enjoy being talked to,making cooing and some babbling noises in return, she will also vary the pitch of the sounds she is able to produce and will laugh a out loud, she is now able to roll form her stomach onto her back and will attempt to roll over completely, attempt to grab things that are nearby using a single arm approach, of course everything she manages to get hold of will end in her mouth, she ill also bear weight upon both legs. The caregiver shares with me that this little one takes well her formula and is receiving her ordered vitamin supplement. Upon evaluation today I found her in good health with a normal physical and neurological exam, her weight is 13 lbs 2 oz, length of57.7 cms and head circumference of 40.2 cms. Please find some pictures attached.
Best Regards


Kathy Hansen said...

She is doing so well. You can tell by her expression that she knows she is coming home soon.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog!


whitney tampien said...

No pink fleece?!?!?! ;)

lindsmurphy1 said...

So sweet!