Wednesday, December 12, 2007


All three of us have been taking ice skating lessons every Tuesday. Fun . .. . and glad it is over!The best part is walking through Riverfront park to get to the lessons and seeing all the seasonal changes each week. I finally took a pic of the boys infront of the Falls b/c they are so pretty.

Oh yeah, the other best part peppermint hot cocoa at Starbucks if we had a good day skating. You might be wondering what is a good day. . . two rules 1. try your best 2. have a good attitude.

They loved it when she would get out hockey stuff at the end.

Keagan shouting to me as I take the picture "Make sure you get my skates!"
By the end we can all kind of skate . . . it is a miracle!

Shoveling snow in PJ's.
Keagan kind of helping shovel snow. The boys love to shovel snow more than play in it.
No update on Lucia. . . waiting for Guatemalan passport so she can travel to the US, and second DNA test. We predict we will be traveling first week of January.


Anonymous said...

Darcy--Ice skating lessons--what an adventure--you are so brave. The boys are so cute in their hats and warm clothes. Love, Rachelle

whitney tampien said...

When I have kids (in 5+ years...), you might have to take them ice skating for me. Ice skating is right up there with tennis balls in my book! :) By the way, the picture of the boys with their Starbucks cups makes them look so grown up... SCARY!!

P.S. Maggie is excited for her visit to the McMurray's tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

Ice skating is so fun. Wouldn't you know that these boys would want to try it! Love the pictures of them and Lucy. We are still praying that you will hear this week about when you will travel to get her. See you all soon.
Mom and Dad