Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter - Bronchitis, Pink Eye, Ugly Spokane, Lots of Rain. . . He has Risen Indeed!

Okay I wish I could write a really spiritual Easter message that was encouraging to everyone and made us look like a really awesome Christian family. Well, if you know me very well at all you are well aware that I am REAL! Easter was miserable, but we made the best of it. We all felt horrible, with Lucia being the most sick. We thought we all had colds, but found out today after all day at the doctor's office and pharmacy that Lucia has bronchitis and Keagan has pink eye. Sorry to everyone we saw at church :(
And, it was freezing and raining all day. Spokane is already so ugly this time of year and then no sun and rain on Easter, come on! What we did hear of the sermon while our kids held it together, was wonderful. And we are so blessed, but sick. I know it could be way worse. Here are the sweet bunnies my mom got for the kiddos. They were easier to photograph than my own sick grumpy bunnies, especially their Dad. Who by the way got all the credit for the Easter baskets since he has dressed up as the Easter bunny the last few years. There is no justice in this world. He had NOTHING to do with the baskets, nor their contents. The boys kept saying "Thanks Dad for the Easter gifts."
He thought it was hysterical.

Grampy and Kinkade hiding eggs in the rain.
Keagan got a paint set and painted the day away. He loves any art project. If his life consisted of shooting hoops and doing art projets all day he would love it.
Still smiling with the worst congestion I've ever heard or seen in my life.
Ugly yucky Spokane, yes that is snow.

The best I could get in Easter outfits.

Easter baskets apparently from Dad.
Every year Grammy and Keagan dress up as bunnies to deliver easter baskets to friends.


The KJs said...

So, where is the picture of Aaron in the bunny suit?? Darcy, YOU did a great job on the baskets...I wish I was one of your kids =) Krista Johnson

whitney tampien said...

How is Lucia still so joyful and cute with bronchitis?! Wow, what a trooper. Maybe you guys should go to Guatemala next year for Easter? :)

jonesfamily said...

Still smiling of course. I hope she feels better really soon. I hope everyone else feels better too! Hang in there Keagan...I can imagine that pink eye is not too fun!


Anonymous said...

BUMMER! So I hope all are feeling better today???
Spring is just around the corner - really :)


Debbie said...

Sorry you all were sick on Easter!! I hope you all get better soon!!! The pictures are still so cute and your daughter is beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by our blog, come back anytime!!


The gFamily said...

Oh man, it is never fun to be sick on a holiday! Lucia is still smiling even though she is sick! What a girl! I love all the pics!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh, everything sounds miserable. :(
i did laugh out loud about the easter baskets and aaron getting credit! so funny and so typical!!

i needed a mcmurray fix so i checked your blog! love it.

hope you are much better by now!

love you tons,