Sunday, March 9, 2008

Greens, Ducks, some sun and and lots of SMILES!

We had such a fun weekend. The sun has been peaking out her in the Northwest. There is still some snow on the ground, but we hit the park after church anyway! We met our good friends the Humes.

Lucia was her typical all smiles. . . sunshine self.

She makes me so happy I can barley stand it.

My sweet Kinkade has always loved feeding the ducks. He is very precise and careful tearing off tiny pieces and making sure each duck gets some.
My sweet Keagan loves the bread, always has. . . the ducks have never gotten any of Keagan's bread. When he was two we found him behind the bench shoving the whole loaf in his mouth.

Snuggling with Mandolyn.

The boys and their big sticks. Taud joined the fun he couldn't help himself.

Still a favorite activity of Lucias . . . jump, jump, and jump some more.

Before heading off to the Whitworth big BB game. Lucia's second basketball game since she has been home. We took her to the Zags game a couple of weeks ago. Of course she loved every minute and waved and danced with the music and noise, and charmed whoever is around us.

Okay shifting gears, I got motivated to fill my fridge with greens for Lucia. When the boys were babies I read this awesome book on making all your own baby food. It was always such a great feeling knowing exactly what was going into my boys little bodies. So here is the Kale steaming. I made spinach, kale, and asparagus, and peas. It is also such a feeling of accomplishment after your done. I just love making their food and it is surprisingly easy!

Mmmmmmm. . . spinach!

And the verdict - "Not so sure about this stuff. . .

"Actually I kind of like it."

"I will eat it all, but I might spit a little at your face to make my brothers fall down in hysterics laughing.


Stacy said...

You always have the most beautiful pictures!
I was cracking up at the part about Lucia spitting out her spinach because it makes her brothers laugh- which only makes a bigger mess- which probably only makes them laugh more!!!


Lindsay Murphy said...

Love all of these pictures! Spring is almost here...can't wait for sunshine. I was laughing out loud at the bread stories. I wish I could say I was like Kinkade, but I definitely would eat the bread instead:) Lucy looks amazing and so happy. See you next Tuesday!

demp5 said...

Your posts always make me smile - they are so precious! You can tell that y'all are having a blast, and your home is filled with love.

TNKerry said...

That last picture is great!!!!
Your family is just adorable. I love reading about your adventures. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how feeding ducks can tell so much about a person :)
Of course you are making food again - You are a superstar.

Thanks again for the great walk last week - I love spring and it made it so much nicer to be with all of you!!!

Erin said...

Thank you for your cute comments on my blog. Your family is just adorable! Have you seen my friend Carrie's blog? She adopted her darling son, Bowen, from Guatemala! (

jonesfamily said...

Can't believe she is crawling! I love all the pictures...especially the spinach all over the face picture. She is so precious!


jonesfamily said...

Love all the pictures! She is so precious and the boys are so fun! I love the spinach all over the face picture!!!! Her face is just so cute!


Anonymous said...

Darcy, you have such a wonderful family! When you get a chance, could you call me at school, I have a quick question for you.


The gFamily said...

I LOVE the picture of Lucia with spinach all over her face!! It is priceless! And, she is still so beautiful, even covered with greens!!

Maple Valley Moments said...

A friend told me about your blog recently, so I surfed on over. Then I started scrolling down and realized "Hey! That's Aaron and Darcy from Whitworth! So cool!" I was a couple years behind you (class of '98), but it is always fun to see a familiar face and fellow Whitworthian in blogland. Congratulations on bringing Lucia home, your family is beautiful. God is good. Sincerely, Heidi