Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Re-adoption in WA state!!!!!

Well, yesterday was another step along the journey to complete this adoption. We had our court appointment for re adoption. This is the state of Washington recognizing our adoption and now Lucia's name is officially changed, she will have a US Birth Certificate with her new name on it, a Social Security number and she is once again officially our daughter! Here we are with the judge afterwards. She let the boys sit in her chair they thought this was very cool! Grampy and Grammy got to come and celebrate with us!
I love this pic of us raising our right hands b/c it is very telling about every one's personality. Kinkade such a pleaser raising his hand extra high! Keagan - a little bit of "I do what I want when I want:) And mom and dad very serious about COMPLETING this process!

When Keagan and Kinkade were asked by the judge how it was having a little sister . . . Aaron and I held our breath. Because we knew who would answer and it would be either charming and creative, or extremely embarrassing and outlandish. Keagan has his own way of saying everything, and it is NEVER the predictable answer.
Keagan answered "Well, it is a lot louder, a lot sillier, and there is lots of pulling hair and our house is filled with raspberries noises all the time."
As I watched the clerk type away, I guess it could of been worse. Maybe we should of practiced that response. Here are some family pictures at the Court House. To say the least it is a little difficult to get a family picture. Lucia is in a stage where she loves to grab faces and it always turns into a wrestling match.
First she attacked Keagan!

This one she has Kinkade by the hair!
Full on attack for Kinkade!
Back to Keagan. . .
Hey maybe we got one, oh no. . . look at Keagan's hand. "Now I will eat my mom."
One more step down. Good thing she is so worth it and we would do it all over again 100 times for this fun, energetic, exuberant little girl! Thanks for checking our blog. It is turning into Lucia's baby book.


Kathy Hansen said...

Congratulations Again! Looks like it was a very fun day. I like the very first family picture best of all


colleen flanigan said...

Darcy and Aaron,
I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog but I have spent the afternoon reading it and have been overwhelmed with emotion many times. Congrats to you both. You have a beautiful family and little Lucy is absolutely precious!
much love, Colleen Flanigan

Kay C. said...

such great pictures of your family at the re-adoption...what an amazing experience. I know Lucia will love reading all about "her story" when she is older. You hae done a beautiful job of capturing all the details with such sincere words and darling pictures. love you all, kc

TNKerry said...

Congrats!!! Awesome pics in a fun family of five kind of way :)

Anonymous said...

The best Easter Gift ever.

Welcome home again Lucia.


Kate said...

How exciting to have things finalized -- what a relief it must be to know the adoption process is virtually over! I love the pics and I love that your blog might become her baby book. :) GREAT idea! Love to you all - The Boggs 4

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Congrats....I love all of the pictures!! She is SOOOO worth it!

Elliott John said...

Aaron and Darcy,
Congratulations! Thanks for keeping us up to date through your blog. We are so excited for you. She is absolutely gorgeous! She is an amazing gift!! Thanks for sharing! Janelle and Tyson

The gFamily said...

Awww, that is great! Even more official now!! I love all the pics! I also loved the response Keagan gave to the judge about having a little sister! So funny!

You guys got all that stuff done fast! Good job!!

jonesfamily said...

Congrats! YAY! I love the court 'raise your hand' picture!


Gabriela Marie and Family said...

Yipee! I have been watching your blog. Lucia is ADORABLE! She has the most precious smile and always has the cutest cloths on!

We are in the process of adopting our second little Guatemalan baby, a biological sister of our precious Joseph Peter!

Lindsay Murphy said...

I love the court story!! I was laughing so hard after we left dinner the other night...the clerk typed out Keagan's hysterical answer:) So funny!!