Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Seaweed, Squid, and KOREAN FUN!

As many of you know who have followed our life this last year, our dear friends Janny and Ryan moved to Korea for an entire year to teach English to Kindergartners. They moved in December and have never met Lucia. It is so hard to have them so far away. Ryan lived with us for more than a year before they got married. They are both so special to our family. We love them dearly and miss them so much. They sent us a fun package today filled with many interesting Korean foods. My twin five year old boys are really BRAVE EATERS! They have always eaten anything that is served or at least tried it. For example Keagan wanted to bring for snack his first week of preschool pot stickers, shrimp, and lettuce wraps. I tried to explain the other 3-4 year olds might not be too impressed. The other kids had brought fruit snacks, granola bars, string cheese. . . you know typical pre-school snacks.

Well, Ryan wrote on the outside of the DRIED SQUID "So, boys are you tough enough?"
The answer is in the pics that follow. . .

Dried Squid!
"We are tough enough!"
"Here I go. . . . . "
Okay here goes the seaweed.
"Can I have some more?"
I will post some pics of Lucia's goodies from Janny and Ryan and their blog. . because it is extremely entertaining.


The Boggs Family said...

Your kids are all so dang cute!!!!! The boys have so much personality too, (isn't it fitting that Lucia would as well?!!) :) These pics made me smile big as I imagined the scene. Too fun! They ARE brave eaters! ;) Thanks for another great post - we love you guys & hope you're having a great week! (Thank you too for all your sweet commetns, Darcy - you are awesome!)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - Way to go in trying the "squiggly stuff".

Keep it up - it keeps life intersting :)


Elizabeth said...

You just have to love boys for their spirit!! How fun!