Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 11 months old Lucia!

She is non-stop. . . .ACTIVE, SPICY, JOYFUL, SWEET and the life of every party!
Here she is last night at the family picnic. My favorite moments with Lucia are when she snuggles and kisses me. My mom captured this picture at the picnic. She probably seconds later popped back up for more interaction and laughs.
Honestly this is her 99.9% state. I had just waved to her and this is what I got.


The gFamily said...

Happy 11 Months Sweet Lucia! You get cuter every month, if that is even possible! I LOVE your two teeth smile! You are just always smiling!

whitney tampien said...

Oh, joyful Lucia! Even pictures of you make me smile!! Happy 11 month birthday... almost 1 year. I can't believe it!!

HewaFam said...

I love the snuggly picture - it captures it well. Isn't that the best?! Isaac has just started giving big hugs - he actually squeezes my neck, it is sooo sweet! Happy 11 months Lucia. Hope to see you soon.

The Boggs Family said...

11 months already?! If you could bottle up and sell the Light inside that sweet lil' bundle of joy you have there, you would be millionaires overnight! She is too cute for words. I love how her whole body smiles when she is excited. Hope the Bible study went well tonight - did you make it?

Susan said...

You guys have so much fun as a family! I love seeing the boys grow, right along with Lucia. Can't believe she's almost a year old..... too cute.

The Westby's said...

You have a beautiful family! I ran across your blog on some random search tangent I was on... Congratulations on Lucia! I think I'll see you this summer at Heather's wedding. I'm making a big assumption here that you'll remember an old volleyball player you used to coach!