Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The swings. . .and a teachers dream

Lucia went on the swings for the first time today. Of course she was all smiles. She could of stayed in there for hours. Well actually she did for about 2 hours.
This is what I always pictured in my head when I dreamed of Lucia being home. Her looking at her big brothers with such adoration and her big brothers loving on her all day. My dream has come true. The boys could not get over her pigtails. They were more excited about them than I was. Keagan must of said 10 times today, "Mom, I just love her hair like this it is soooo cute."
They made me drive down to Grammy's to show her Lucia's pigtails and email dad at work a picture so he could see her pigtails. It was so sweet.
Big smiles and pigtails flying in the wind.
The boys were making hopscotch patterns in the driveway today and I noticed they had their hundreds grid out to write their numbers. You know your a first grade teacher when this is one of your proudest moments ~ your children referring to their hundreds chart in an everyday activity without prompting. I did not get teary but I could of. . . .
Proof. . . good number sense will take you a long way in this world. Okay I will stop now I sound weird.
Keagan trying out the hopscotch! We had a great day in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Love the pigtails as well - I think there is nothing better then a little girl in pigtails and overalls :)

The boys are so smart - We are all so lucky!!!

hope you got the little pkg I left in your entryway.

Love you all

whitney tampien said...

The boys are right... the pigtails... too cute for words. Are you fricken' kidding me?!? LOVE THEM! And I love the boys for loving them! :)

Laurie said...

Lucia is just adorable! Isn't swinging just the best! One of our favorite activities!

Susan said...

Pigtails couldn't be cuter!
I was at NC this afternoon for a summer school meeting and saw these grandpa walking out the doors with one 6 year old on each side and thought they looked rather familiar! Such cute kids....
And the 100s Chart - way to go!!
Little Cole VanGordon is having a heart valve replaced tomorrow - say a prayer for him, his mom, dad and brother, Tyler.
Love all the pictures!!

Lindsay Murphy said...

Happy Pigtails is right!! So cute!

Angie Florence said...

Yeah, I finally found the site again and just finished reading through some of the blogs!! Wow, what a stinkin cute page. I mean, this is incredible. I am so excited for you and the family. It was so much fun to see you out on Sunday. You all looked so cute and happy together. Lucia looks so beautiful and I'm not the first to say sooo cute with the pig tails. I wouldn't put it past you to not have her the cutest possible. I hope to see you guys again soon!!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

I love the pigtails....your little girl is just so full of joy!!!! My hearts melts thinking about your boys loving on her.

Elizabeth said...

Lucy looks so cute! I just love her hair and that smile is to die for! I am still afraid of girl hair and hope I get over my phobia when Bella's hair gets long enough to do something with it.