Saturday, May 17, 2008

Water Baby, T-ball and she stood!

We had a wonderful Sunny weekend. With a balance of sports, yard work, and water! The boys had their last t-ball game and Aaron of course had his Sunday soccer game. The highlight of the soccer game was when I noticed that Lucia was STANDING beside me. Yes. . . I said standing ~ she was as surprised as me so it only lasted a few seconds. The boys were so proud of her!

I love the boys in a whole new way watching them love their sister. They are truly interested in every milestone, food she is eating, outfit, hair-do, and each and every new sound she makes they claim is a real word. They tell everyone Lucia can say 21 words. In reality I'm not sure she has said any words connected to a meaning. She will mimic sometimes but then not say it again for a few days. I just love the way they love her, protect her and how much interest they have in her.
I personally couldn't wait for a weekend of cute sun dresses and cute swimsuits. . . live the dream Lucia because you didn't see me in a sundress or a swimsuit.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

"What is that on your head Dad?"
WE HAVE A WATER BABY. . . THANK GOD! God chose this little personality perfectly for our family. We love the water. I was so afraid when she would barley take a bath when we were in Guatemala with her that she would not love the water. She LOVES baths now and when we got out the little pool this weekend with freezing cold water in it she got right in.

She claps for herself all day long. . .
Is there anything cuter than this?
On to T-ball. Yep, that's a Starbucks Aaron is holding while coaching in the outfield.
I told him he is not a real coach with a Starbucks. The boys aren't old enough to be embarrassed. Most of the time he had it hiding in his mitt.

The boys were not one bit excited that their shirts were periwinkle and the team name was Angels. They were convinced it was a all girls team.


Party of 5 said...

I can't believe she stood up!!! How exciting! I love the pics too....
maybe you should become my personal photographer??? You could come by occasionally and take pictures of my family and I could pay you in goldfish crackers and go-gurts????

Anonymous said...

Darcy, call me, I have Silverwood tickets for the boys!


Anonymous said...

Love it - a girl after my own heart...another mermaid :)

Wow - GREAT SWING! Kincade - you look like a pro.


JeffandKatyRiddell said...

soo cute!!! How amazing to be able to watch her reach all these milestones. I particularly love the picture of Aaron with his starbucks on the field. Classic

Mark and Lori said...

I have to admit that Aaron with Starbucks is a classic!

whitney tampien said...

Live the dream for us, Lucia! Live the dream!! :)

heather emans said...

so darn cute!!!