Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lucia loves Kindermusic!

Lucia has loved Kindermusic. It has been fabulous to have 45 minutes to dance, sing, bond, cuddle and spend quality one on one time together. She loved every minute!

Her she is with her BFF Isabelle Jones. They really know each other now and are starting to interact. . well grab each other's faces.
Isabelle and sister Olivia riding in the basket to some fun Celtic dance music.
Mommy and Lucia all smiles. Time to go get brothers from preschool. Let the craziness begin.


Party of 5 said...

I love it! American Idol here she comes!!!

The gFamily said...

You can tell that she loved it!! Already talented and beautiful!!

Stacy said...

What a fun activity to do together! You've got me inspired! Love the pics, as usual!


Mark and Lori said...

We also LOVE Kindermusik - put Max in the second week we were home! It is as much fun for us as it is for the kids! Lucia is just a doll!

TNKerry said...

We love our Kindermusik, too!!!! CiCi has a blast and has also made some great little friends :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite shirt EVER on her!!!
How's the garden coming?