Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend with Friends

We had a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend with our college friends. Aaron has 4 guys that were best friends in college and continue to keep in touch. And we try at least once a year to all get together with families. We went to this fun Italian restaurant in CDA and when the kids order a pizza they get to make it with the chef.
Matt and Kim had not met Lucia yet. Of course she won their hearts.
Lucia would love to be standing at ALL times!

Her all time favorite the SWINGS!

This is "the Lucy wave." She does this wave to anyone who starts talking to her. It looks really funny and is pretty stiff and forced. More like a salute.

Kinkade at the beach. The water was fresh snow water. But I knew the boys would be fully submerged within minutes. . . it took about 5 minutes until they were IN!
Emma and Keagan.
All the children on a park walk.
The Falls in Spokane are magnificent right now. We had to go see them. They were so powerful and breath-taking.

It was a packed weekend. The kids had a blast and it was so good to be with Friends.


Party of 5 said...

I love the restaurant pictures....the chef hats are so great! Did they get to keep the hats? My boys would have a hard time giving them back!
Looks like a fun weekend!!!

The Boggs Family said...

What fun! Boy, you aren't kiddin' about the Falls being full & powerful right now. Where have I been?! That's worth a trip downtown to see! ;) So glad you had such a fun weekend with friends. Loved the pics of the kids making their pizzas & wearing the chef hats. How funny that Lucia has a salute - that's a perfect description from the picture! :) What an adorable personality she has. All your kids for that matter! Also loved the pics of Lucia standing -- and her little itty bitty toes! Aghh, makes me smile! :) Miss you guys...

Lindsay Murphy said...

Oh the wave is adorable...I can't wait to see it!! Can you believe the falls?