Monday, June 22, 2009

the lake. .

Okay . . first go at the lake with four kids! It was either a 10 or a BIG ZERO! At 4:30am on Father's Day when I was driving the girls home it was a HUGE ZERO! Thank God we are only 20 minutes away from home. Smores were a TEN! As you can see from the pics below Lucia thought she was in heaven with her first marshmallow. We kept finding her shoving them in her mouth and sprinting away. Maybe that is why she was up at 4:30am and so upset. We learned our lesson maybe only a couple marshmallows next campfire.

There are tons of kids up at the lake. . but Kellen is the boys favorite. He is so silly but has the most tender spirit.
Dinner at the lake. . life doesn't get much better. . burgers, the lake, lots of Doritos. .. and great friends!
We were dead exhausted when we got home. . .the kids had a blast and mom and dad worked really hard!
Grades for the weekend
* Aaron - B+ worked so hard to get fiber skirting done on the trailer. . but could improve his attitude at 4:30 in the morning when the kids are screaming. . I think he said "Am I in He**?"
* Mom - C - did a great job packing the family up and getting there. . but could work on relaxing and being nicer to the other humans in the family while packing and unpacking.
* Keagan - B - Great job playing and fishing. . next time after he packs his bag remember to put it in the car so we don't have to turn the car around half way up to the lake.
* Kinkade -B- great attitude all weekend. .try not to get 75 pairs of shorts/pants/sweatshirts wet from changing clothes 134 times during the two days then falling/jumping back in the water.
* Lucia - D - lots of room for improvement. . .try to stay within 50 yards of mom and dad at the lake, eat less chips, Doritos, and oreos! Sleep at least until 7am in the morning since at home you usually at least sleep until 7:30!
* Emery - A - loved the lake! Although nursing at the campfire was a little smokey:)


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Oh Darcy, I love this post! Still the grades to the family. I should try this with Jonathan:). I'm sorry about the 4:30 am thing, but I know you will look back on the day w/ fond memories and lots of laughter (isn't it nice how over time all bad memories seem slightly more funny!).

I love the first picture of Lucia w/ the marshmallows. It looks like she's practicing for a chubby bunny competition already!

mmsnyder said...

That is hilarious! Love the grades... good job Emery! :) Looking forward to the new grades after the 4th of July!!


Janice said...

Oh, Mama, you are too hard on yourself!

Anonymous said...

this is about the funniest post ever. You painted the picture very well....I think you all get A's for giving it a go as a family of 6! Hang in there!! Love, KC

Mango Ink said...

laughed out loud at this post! LOVE the grades!!

The Tampiens said...

What ever happened to "A for effort" grades?! :) That's what you deserve for being such a brave Mom of 4 and still being able to find the humor in every situation! I agree with Megan, can't wait for the post 4th of July grades. :)

The gFamily said...

Seriously hilarious post and great pics! I think you guys are so brave for even trying, and I am sure it will get better each time! I think you all deserve an A!!

Lindsay Murphy said...

I am laughing out loud right now! Don't be so hard on yourself...I'm sure you were a solid B:) Have fun at the lake this weekend!