Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look out world Lucia is two!!!

Happy THE Birthday to Lucia . . . this is how Lucia says Happy Birthday! well she it two. . and all two. .with the cuteness and the attitude. We celebrated with a small dessert BBQ. . yes dessert BBQ! Lucia loves dessert. So we made three different kinds. . a school bus cake (school buses are her favorite thing in the world) , tres leches cake, and a strawberry pie! She loved them all!
Here is Lucia's sweet face on the school buses. She helped Grammy make the cake and it had children's faces all over it. The Millers came up to the lake to celebrate with us. Lucia loves Anna and copies everything she says and does. Sneaking some tres leches cake!
Grammy made her a school bus bucket. I used to pull her in one of these during Kinder music and to this day she remembers it and loves it.
This face makes everyone smile all day long!
She adores her Wicky (Grampy) she snuggles up to talk to him about things. We got her a bike and helmet for her Birthday. She wants to be just like her big brothers and ride a bike! Here she is in her jammies on her new bike on her Birthday morning! Then off to water the daisies.
And of course laying on the pavement to get as close as possible to the bug. Every time she sees a bug or spider this is the routine.
We adore every inch of you Lucia and can't believe we are so blessed to raise you. You have brought more JOY to Spokane than anyone I've ever known. I thought of Lucia's Birth mother many times on her Birthday and prayed she has peace that Lucia is happy and healthy and LOVED by so many! I thank God everyday for her unbelievable sacrifice she made.


The Tampiens said...

Happy birthday, miss Lucy!! Can't wait to see you on the 4th! :)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!!
I agree with what you said, Darcy, about Lucia lighting up Spokane like no one else. My whole family knows about Lucia and has watched her grow.
ps...I am glad I don't have to compete with Grammy for presents or desserts!

The Boggs Family said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Luc! :) Love the ways you share your wonderful life and family with all of us.... you guys are awesome! Much love and big hugs to you all! :)

The gFamily said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucia!!! I love the bus cake with Lucia riding the bus!! ADORABLE!!! She is still the cutest little thing ever!! I can't believe she is two! Time just flies!

Darcy, I wish you lived next door so you could teach me how to make tres leches cake! I really want to make it! Our girls would get along so well eating sugar all day long! HA!

Pineapple Princess said...

Happy bday to Lucia! Our girls are getting so big!
I can't believe that she can ride that bike. She is something else! She looks so cute in that helmet!
I love your tradition of the Tres Leches cake. I remember it from last year's party. Looks so yummy!!
I love that our girls are so close in age!
That bus cake is sooo cute!!