Monday, June 8, 2009

Slugs. . Salem. . Sleeping. . .Seventy. . Smiles!

We spent the last 4 days in Salem with Papa and Grandma celebrating Papa's 70th Birthday! As always it was a Blast! Great Food, Cousins, Movies, Adventures. . speaking of adventures the big kids spent most of the weekend trying to reclaim Grandma's beautiful garden from the slugs that are trying to take over. She armed them with salt shakers and the fight was on! The picture below captures the intensity of the adventure . . armed with light sabers and salt shakers they spent hours fighting the slugs! Here is miss smiles! Emery Pearl is 10 weeks. .and quickly approaching my all time favorite baby age. . . 3 months! I love 3 months they are still tiny tiny but start really interacting!

Lucia and Cousin Bridget are two peas in a pod! Here they are in the bath together. Bridget told Uncle Aaron - "Lucia and I are so much alike. .we both have brown eyes, black hair, brown skin and we both love to sing and dance!"
I would add they both are very sweet and very LOUD!
Twin Brothers holding Emery!
More smiles. . we keep waiting for these eyes to change. . but they continue to be dark blue. . so pretty. She just might have Keagan's eyes and Kinkade's hair color and body.

Okay the big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emery Pearl slept 9-10 hours all three nights we were there! She had been doing 6-7 hour stretches. . but 9-10 is glorious. . I feel like I could run a marathon in the morning. . well not exactly but definitely a new woman!
I wish I would of gotten more pics with Papa and Grandma but it always goes so fast and I usually had a baby in my arms and didn't get many pictures this time.


Pineapple Princess said...

Wow! Emery is so beautiful and perfect she looks like a dolly!

You all must have had sooo much fun together! Your family rocks!

The gFamily said...

Yay for sleep! Good job Emery! I bet you feel amazing!!

Sounds like a fun time with the fam! Cute, cute pics!