Friday, June 26, 2009

week one summer with the boys!

T-ball. . good times by all! Aaron got roped into coaching again. I'm not sure there is anything cuter than little baseball players. If you want a good laugh come out any Tuesday or Thursday night.

Look at this all American boy. . he just cracks me up. The bucket. . . . you know how I love organizing systems! This could be my favorite system yet. This brilliant t-ball mom had this great idea. Every boy brings a bucket from home and keeps their mitt, hat and water bottle in it. Then they sit on them in batting order during the game. This might not seem brilliant. . but it cuts back on about 1 hour during the game of looking for their mitt and hat every time they head out to the field. When they come off the field they used to just s throw their mitts and hats to get ready to hit and wear their batting helmets. Not now they have buckets to put them in I LOVE THE BUCKETS!

Look at the boys on their bucket. . so cute!

All ready for swim lessons!

This might be my new favorite summer pic. All three looking at me and smiling. . . amazing!
The boys favorite summer activity so far is pogo sticking . . they spend at least an hour a day on pogo sticks.

The boys have also spent lots of time building backpacks for their webkins . . oh the creativity of summer:)

The boys continue to love to play and KISS their sisters. We are praying these two girls get enough kisses here that they don't need to go looking for kisses later.

What could be better then Grampy reading Harry Potter and popsicles. . . now that is summer!

And it wouldn't truly be summer without a lemonade stand. Which is actually kind of sad to watch. They get so excited then jut sit there for hours and no one stops. . so sad.
We are off to a busy great start to summer with t-ball, swim lessons, sidewalk chalk, lake trips. . . . it is summer here at the McMurrays finally. I am exhausted and most of the time having fun with a few meltdowns. Yesterday at swim lessons another mom was asking about the new baby and I honestly could not remember her name. . . . so embarrassing. Just when I think I have figured four kids out something like this happens. By the way four kids is a lot of kids with a lot of different needs!


The Tampiens said...

Okay, so you forgot her name... at least you didn't call her Caesar! ;) Seriously, call me next time the boys do the lemonade stand and I will drive out and buy some from them -- I remember doing that as a kid, and how sad it was when no one stopped.

P.S. Lucia's hair is SO long! I love it!!

Kelsey said...

Pogo stick for hours....sounds like a great calorie burner!! Where do I get one!?!? Love you all :-)

The gFamily said...

Love the buckets! Too cute! My kiddos had swim lessons this week too!! I am so laughing at you for forgetting names! You have to give yourself a break, though! We moms, and especially you, have a lot going on! I had to rush my kids with me to the girl dr. yesterday for my yearly appt. because I remembered it at the last minute. We had to put our half eaten lunches aside and run to the car to get there on time! I thought the appt. was 2 hours later and had a sitter for that time! Fun, fun!! Never a dull moment, right!!

Anonymous said...

the girls did a lemonade stand last summer (complete with handmade sign saying "LEONADE") and nobody came, except all the other neighbor kids. Not alot of people "driving by" on our street. Love the bucket thing - that's a good trick for soccer too. At least for them to carry their ball/water bottle and then have something to sit on too. Ok, I laughed so hard that I cried when I read the part about forgetting Emery's name. Oh darc. You are a great momma and managing ALOT right now. Don't sell yourself short and I love your honesty. xo - kc

Gabriela Marie and Family said...

Looks like y'all are having a blast this summer!

Anonymous said...

if the boys do another lemonade stand, let me know--we will stop! i think every parent blanks on names now and then--i know my mom used to through the dogs names in sometimes:)