Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No more kindergarten

What happened to my baby boys. .weren't we just in the hospital. . oh that was 6 years ago. .but it seems like yesterday. Now they are going to be BIG First Graders! Look at these little faces. . my baby boys are getting so grown up. Sad but so fun! They have always had the closest relationship. When I would nurse them they would hold hands across my tummy. No matter how far apart we would sleep them in their crib. . . we would find them snuggled up together when we came to get them. Here is Keagan on the last day of Kindergarten with the Fabulous Mrs. Tobiason. She has been a God send. We all adore her. He wanted his picture with her in the center area . .his favorite part of the classroom. We will miss Mrs. Tobiason so much. Keagan's favorite thing about Mrs. Tobiason was her flip flops and his best part of Kindergarten was making friends.

Here is Kinkade with Mrs. Tobiason in the carpet area his favorite part of the classroom.
Kinkade's favorite thing about Mrs. Tobiason was when she read books to the class and his favorite part of Kindergarten was reading.
Bye Bye Kindergarten.


The Tampiens said...

Congrats Keagan and Kinkade! I cannot believe they are going to be FIRST GRADERS!!! I love that you posted the old pics of them as babies... I was just going through some of my old pics and cards, and it was so fun to see how much they've grown!

The Boggs Family said...

Oh Darcy, loved the pics & seeing the boys as just little babes! They are such handsome kids (then again all of your children are sooooo darn cute!!), and I love how you love each of them for the individual traits and giftings. You are such a good Mom!!! Love to you all. :)
P.S. Loved your card, thanks so much.... have it on our fridge. :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all these new pictures! We need to meet Emery asap! She is so beautiful! Certainly takes after her momma!
Love the old snaps of the boys! Our boys hold hands when they nurse together too! So darling! We are so blessed to have our boys!!! Love, Grace